Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zurich Switzerland LDS stake center

Several months ago I started a Flickr group dedicated to collecting photos of the many LDS chapels around the world. Our stake center here in Virginia is pretty in its own right, but it probably looks just like yours. I got the idea several years ago while driving in Salt Lake on 9th East as I drove past several beautiful, unique chapels (one of which was Spanish Colonial). I love how uniquely LDS many of them are.

The picture included in this entry was uploaded just today. Doesn't it make you want to go to church.... in Switzerland?


lori said...

Shall we plan a trip together! That looks utterly inviting! What a creative idea to collect pics of beautiful, unique chapels! I love that!

Katy and Aaron said...

I always loved going to the Provo tabernacle. It was such an interesting old building, the stained glass, the twisted stairways, the carved wood, the balconies, the seats that were directly under the vents where you always got blasted. It had such great character!

Adam W. said...

yea, the provo tabernacle is so great. I'm glad the church decided to keep it and not only that but keep using it (as opposed to making it a museum of sorts.