Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

Today was my first day back to teaching violin. It was lovely to pull out my beautiful instrument, which I haven't played in many weeks for obvious reasons. The A string had gone completely slack, but that was quickly remedied. I started back into my musical career by playing "For the Beauty of the Earth," an arrangement my mom gave me for Christmas. 

I was a little nervous about how lessons would go with a newborn in the house. Brett didn't sleep much at all during the generally accepted nap time earlier today. However, during lessons he was a perfect little angel. He swung and slept through both lessons I taught today. 

I sure love this baby of mine. 

Photo Binge of One Cute Boy

We love having Brett as part of our family. Here are a few photos of his first weeks at home. 

Brett has a knack for the "pirate eye" expression. He gets this one from his dad.

Celebrating Brett's first week. Grandma made him a cake. He didn't get to eat it, but I gave him every opportunity since I ended up dropping some on his hand. Grandpa Bezzant would have snuck him some for sure. 

Sleepy little angel in his bassinet. 

My friend Karolin gave Brett some cute Baby Gap outfits and had Godiva chocolate cigars for the siblings. They loved it, and so did I. The "mommy tax" is a wonderful thing when it comes to good chocolate. 

Another angelic picture. Brett is snuggled in the soft white blanket Grammy gave him. Looks like heaven. 

Spencer is a great helper. He had a late start at school one day due to some icy roads and helped me feed Brett a bottle. He was so proud. 


While we kept Brett home for the first 7 Sundays of his life in an effort to stay cold/flu-free, I did dress him up in this cute little tie onesie my visiting teacher made. 

Meeting Great Aunt Janet. 

3 Generations

Meeting Aunt Celeste

Celeste made him this super snuggly blanket and 3 matching burp cloths. He sleeps with the blanket every night. 

Meeting Aunt Melinda

Grammy and Papa LOVE their grandbabies. 

Tummy time! Just like John, Brett has proved his muscle strength early on. He rolled over for the first time at just 11 days old! 

I love this picture. John has been a super-loving older brother. He was patting Brett softly and said out loud "No hurt baby." I love hearing John's internal dialogue voiced now that he is talking more and more. 

Emma wanted a chance to feed Brett too. He is lucky to have all these great siblings looking out for him.

Momma and baby

One of Brett's first baths.

Spencer likes to hold Brett while standing up. We make sure to stay close at hand, but it is pretty sweet to see this big 7 year old brother lovin' on baby Brett.