Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

I couldn't let Easter Sunday pass by without taking the chance to document these 3 little blessings. Each of them is on the verge of a birthday, and I find that as I face the prospect of their being a year older, I just want to snuggle them a bit more. They are growing far too quickly, and while I am proud of the sweet, considerate, and confident people my children are becoming, I am not ready for them to be growing up quite so fast.

3 good-looking Wrides.

Spencer is one of my favorite people. He is kind and considerate. I often have other mothers at school approach me because he is the kind of kid they want their kids to be friends with. The great thing is that the kids agree. Spencer can fit in with any group. He will be playing football with the older neighborhood kids one day, and spend the next afternoon with John and Emma building Star Wars Lego creations. Spencer is a rule-keeper, and he genuinely tries to do what is right. He's got a bit of rascal in him, but I like that about him. He's fun, at-times hyper, a diligent student and an all-around good pal.

Emma is my Lovie. When she was little, she had a lovie bear that she would snuggle, and I loved to snuggle her, so she became my "lovie" bear. She is very imaginative and loves to make up stories for her dolls to act out. She will also "read" books in bed for hours. She can sound out many words, but I think she finds the books she can read are nowhere near as interesting as the plots she creates while looking through more complicated texts. Emma has a bedtime routine posted on her wall, and she loves her "ra-tine." We have to stick to that or bedtime stretches into a marathon event of just one more drink, story, etc. Emma likes to know the limits and will help you to figure out what your limits are if you don't know already. She is an awesome big sister to Johnny, who shadows her much of the day, and a great playmate for Spencer as well. Emma had a sick day today and while the morning was rough, when her symptoms subsided we spent a lovely afternoon snuggled on the couch watching shows and reading. I needed my Lovie time today.

John is my Snicker Doodle. He is the snuggliest little fellow I have ever seen. He is the strong, silent type but can sure work his charm on people nonetheless. Everywhere we go...doctor's offices, grocery stores, Disney World...strangers stop me to tell me how adorable my little boy is. I couldn't agree more! John has a ready smile, and this little man is doing his part to make the world a happier place. When he says "chee!" (for "cheese") and squishes up that cute face for the camera, you better believe everyone else around him is smiling too. He is doing great staying at Nursery (the drop off is still a little emotional, but the recovery is quick). Today when he woke up from his nap, Adam retrieved him from his crib, and he came down all smiles, running to give me a great big hug as he exclaimed "Mama! Mama!." Cue heart melting. John loves his Grammy, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, and all of his aunts and uncles. He is learning to say prayers and tries oh, so hard to be reverent. Love you, Bubby!

This pose was the idea of Spencer and Emma. John was a willing participant. He wants to do whatever they do. I do, too, when it turns out this cute.