Friday, November 18, 2011

Pumpkinville November 2011

Most folks go to pumpkin patches BEFORE Halloween, but we may have stumbled upon a new tradition. I bought a Groupon super discount pass to Pumpkinville, only noticing after the fact that it was good for the last week of September, Halloween, and the first week of November. Nice. We went the Thursday after Halloween and were blessed with the most exquisite 70 degree day and no crowds. Grammy and Trina joined us for the fun outing, and a good time was had by all.

The Pumpkinville experience starts with an animal farm. John had a good time pointing at the animals and saying "Oh!" repeatedly.

Then it was off to the hay ride.

There are forts to explore, a hay maze, hay slides, and loads of inflatables to play on. To top it off, we always sample the cider and free apples at the end.

Spencer's P-ville highlight: The football obstacle course
Emma's P-ville highlight: The football obstacle course

Emma surprised me by conquering this one. It wasn't very long ago that she had to be coerced and persuaded to get on a moon bounce, and now she can be found climbing inflatable walls and jumping down slides with great excitement. She kept telling me, "I'm a courage girl!" Yep, got that one on video.

I'm dreaming of a white...Halloween??

We nearly had a white Halloween thanks to a cold front that came through the Saturday before Halloween. My boys were thrilled. I played Christmas music to cope. Emma watched from indoors. She'll play in the snow when we get the serious stuff.

This is the first time John has been old enough to maneuver solo in the snow. Give the boy some boots and a shovel, and he is in heaven. Luckily he had Spencer to show him the ropes. That's one good big brother.

Charlies October 2011

For a friend's Halloween party this year, Adam and I were mirror image Charlie Chaplins, complete with a fun little routine for a costume walk-off. No pics of us, but we weren't the only ones who thought fake mustaches were pretty fun.

John was busy making a yogurt mustache and couldn't be bothered with our hairy version. He did, however, think our bamboo canes were great fun. Those have since been hidden to preserve the furniture.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A note from Spencer

*Spencer asked for a paper and wrote this out the other day. This is my kid, alright. All spelling and punctuation is true to the original.

Dear Santa

I love Christmas so mutch that I wrote this note in November.

I am excited to looking my stocking