Sunday, July 22, 2007

Argentine at Heart

Originally uploaded by Adam W.
How can it be that we do not yet have a picture of my handsome hubby up on our blog yet? Well that is due, in part, to my being technologically deficient. I could net get the computer to upload a cute family picture taken at my sister's wedding. However, lest any more time pass I am uploading this choice photo from Flickr. This picture was taken when Adam visited Argentina this past June. He went down to attend the BYU Management Society Dinner in Buenos Aires, host a GMAT prep class for some hopefully-BYU-bound members, and visit with some folks he taught on his mission. Doesn't Adam look like a missionary? I am so proud of him as he furthers the dream of establishing a university abroad and continues to be an outstanding father and husband. No small feat!

Did I mention that he did the Sunday dinner dishes? Oh, how I love him!


lori said...

Ah, this DOES look like a miss. picture! (way to not show the years, Adam!)
And we didn't know you guys had ambitions to start a university abroad! Wow. Yet another thing that made us say, "How cool are the Wrides?!!

Marie W said...

Adam is amazing. The idea is to establish a university with LDS standards, sort of like SVU. Gotta chase those dreams!

Katy and Aaron said...

Cool picture. I like that the chickens were included in the group photo.

Darci said...

That boy has not changed since he was little. I need to keep up with your family. Are you still living with mom and dad Wride? Tell them Darci says hi. My parents are now in Williamsburg so now I have a reason to come out and see everyone.