Sunday, October 28, 2007

High School Sweethearts - 10 years later!

Saturday was the 10 year anniversary of our first date. If I were as awesome as my friend CJ, I would have a picture for each year to commemorate the event...although now that I think of it, that wouldn't work since two of those years Adam was on his mission. :0)
In any case, we basically relived the event. We are back in our hometown, and fate played it so that all the dates aligned perfectly...making it so that we could not help but remember that we've been dating now for ten years. (That's right, married and we still LOVE going out on dates). Our very first date was to our high school homecoming dance. I still remember exactly where Adam asked me - in the front foyer of our school, just after the school day had ended. I was thrilled! He was the "new guy" in the ward, and I was interested to get to know him better. Plus, homecoming this particular year (1997) came with complications for me. It was also concert night for the orchestra I played with, and I was only allowed to miss one concert per season...prom was also the night of a concert, and since I was helping to plan prom it seemed an easy choice about which event took priority. However, Adam solved my dilemma. His mom also played in the orchestra, so he offered to go to the concert and then finish up the night at the school dance. And so it was that I became his first date. Lucky guy! ;0)
We reminisced last night about that first date: how Adam was so nervous about putting the corsage on because he thought he had to pin it on (it was a wrist corsage); going to dinner with a group of friends at the Wride home (I didn't know before that the guys had gathered at 3 PM to make the sweet); having a bit of "single date" time as we drove to and from the concert together (scandalous!); my thinking about the advice my YW president had given on dating (thank you, Fascinating Womanhood for precious tidbits like 'body language: turn knees toward date to communicate that you are interested in what he is saying'). Most of all, I just remember having fun because I love being with Adam.
This time around, it just so happened that our high school's homecoming fell on the date of yet another symphony concert. These days, I am just playing with the String Workshop to break back into the musical world, but Adam (once again) was a sport and came along for the concert. We dashed off after that to catch the latter half of a friend's Halloween party where the only dancing we did was a "hand jive" to show our stuff during the costume walk-off. Earlier, we had a quick dinner in the Wride home - this time just Pastaroni since we were short on time. Do you see how all of these activities line up so nicely? top it off, we ended the night by going back to my parent's house. Ten years ago, it was to say good night with a quick hug (first date, after all); this time it was to pick up our two sleepy kids (who had a smashing time at Grammy and Grandpa's house, by the way - thank you, Heather, Mom and Dad!). we are. 10 years later, we are very much in love, still dating, the best of friends, and the parents of two spectacular kiddos. I call myself one lucky lady! I love you, babe.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh...

Marie tells me I have permission to use this picture. Really, there isn't much to add as this picture is worth several thousand words, but can I tell you how much I love Marie? She is a fantastic mother to these two little ones and does it with a smile (even for a picture like this).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Emma is 6 months old!

Happy Birthday, Chickadee! We love, love, LOVE having this cheery little girl in our lives. She is such a social baby who wants to be in on every conversation and will flirt and smile at you until your attention is effectually captured. Spencer loves her and wants to make sure she is included in just about everything, even making sure that Emma had her turn swinging in the blanket during FHE. "It's Emma's turn!" He was insistent, and Emma LOVED it. Thanks Gpa W and Dad for obliging.

Here is our cutie pie this morning. I decided to take her 6 month pictures first thing, since just after that we headed to the doctor's for her check-up...that means shots. Not necessarily the recipe for smiles later on. Emma was out to prove that she is growing up. She sat up for a good LONG time outside while I snapped a few shots. She never toppled. In fact, I picked her up before she even looked unsteady.

Here are Emmas stats:
Height - 90-95%
Weight - 95-97% (That's my girl!)
Head - 75%

She has the cutest little cabeza.

After shots (trauma and drama) and a trip to Grammy's to catch up on some chatting and see the home school kids, we headed back home. Emma had missed a nap and had been so busy was her response to our morning...
Sleepy girl!

And just because I think these kids are cute...a few more pictures.
Our version of the double stroller

Emma's first experience with the swing at the nearby tot lot.

Spencer was loving the camera and wanted to take a picture on the steps of the play equipment. I thought that was sweet, so I instructed him where to sit, and he wrapped his arms around Emma. However, he was so excited to see the picture that he jumped up and Emma took a dive into the woodchips before I could catch her. She recovered admirably (thank goodness!). Do you remember when seeing your photo in the screen on the back of the camera was not even an option? In this instance, I wish for the good old days back.

(A funny side note: Spencer will pick up a wooden block, snap some "pictures" and then say, "Look, Mom," pointing at the back where the picture would show up on a digital camera. Oh, and he calls the good old toy record player Aunt Alice gave us a "DVD player" because he has no other frame of reference. So funny!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our new "baby"

Adam has completed his first week as an entrepreneur. He is working to develop software that helps people learn a foreign language and is one happy fella! As an investment in this new venture, we made a little trip to Office Depot this week to get a laptop for this businessman. I teasingly call it his new "baby". Spencer was so excited to help him open the box. Hmm...the "box"...isn't that how you techies out there refer to laptops? Spencer really was thrilled with the cardboard part of this purchase. He colored and played with it and the styrofoam packing for at least half an hour while Dad figured out his new toy.
Emma was excited to share in Daddy's joy. This computer can scan your face to log you in. Pretty cool, huh?
And don't worry...Adam may be a techie, but no new toy can take the place of the real baby in this house. (Don't you love Emma's little pink velour jogging suit. I love little girl clothes!!)


Adam and I were commenting this evening after FHE how lucky we are that the transition from only child to big brother has been such a smooth one for Spencer. He and Emma get along wonderfully. Emma loves to watch Spencer show off all his tricks, and Spence will sit down to "read" to Em, stop to make sure she is watching his antics, or give her a running dialogue on what is happening. Tonight's commentary was, "Right now we're getting ready and then we're going to Grammy's house, Emma. We have to get our shoes on."

They are good pals. Spencer remembers Emma in his prayers and when it is time to kiss everyone goodnight. Emma gets a big wet one on the back of her head. (We figure that is a safe spot even when runny noses are involved).

This cute photo captures a sweet little moment. Spencer was leaning against the way-comfy green "nap" couch pillow, so on a whim we "flew" Emma down to land on his back. Emma thought that was hilarious fun, and Spencer kept saying, "Again!" and laughing when Emma "landed." Sweet kiddies. I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest Mom around. These little ones keep me smiling!

p.s. Noteworthy: the awesome sandbox behind Spencer and Emma in the top picture is Gpa W's latest creation. He built it big enough so that all six grandkids can have digging space and be playing at the same time. So...Peter, Leslie, Emily, and we just have to get all our cuties together with THEIR shovels and OUR cameras. :0)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leaning tower

Our kids have been sick for the last week with croup, so my brain is a bit too sleep-deprived to compose a clever blog entry. I could not, however, pass up the opportunity to show off this sweet little lady. Emma is learning to sit up on her own. I love watching little ones make new discoveries - toes, toys, tongue clucks. It makes me more appreciative of the simple joys in my life.

Emma so enjoys this little moment of independence, though it is somewhat short-lived as she soon goes toppling over. I did manage to catch this photo before catching her as she headed toward the floor. I promise that I had just wiped her drool before taking both pictures. Will those teeth ever surface?