Monday, April 13, 2009

The last day of Spring Break

Today was the last day of Spring Break, so we jumped at the chance to spend the day with family. Grammy had planned a fun hike along the C&O Canal, so we tagged along and were joined by Grandma W and Laura as well. Good company=good times. It was a chilly day, but perfect weather for a stroll along a picturesque trail.

Emma was loving her baseball cap.
Here's the group at the mile marker. This was our turn-around spot. We went a little over a mile along the trail and then doubled back. I was so proud of Spencer, who was leading the pack most of the way (along with his buddies Trina and Joel). 2 miles of hiking - not bad for a little man.

Emma was a trooper too. She wanted to walk most of the time, but I was glad for the hiking pack and the ease it provides for taking little tikes on treks like this.
Sarah snapped this close-up of these gorgeous wildflowers. They were popping up everywhere!
Here's my favorite picture of the day. More to come on this little man. Can you believe that as of yesterday I have a FOUR YEAR OLD? He's one of my favorite people and a really great buddy to his sister. How can you not love someone this adorable?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, a latter-day apostle, gave a stirring, insightful address during last weekend's General Conference. Here is a piece of it that has been paired with images; I found Elder Holland's remarks to be SO instructive on the Atonement, which is the focus of this Easter weekend.

If you don't have access to Youtube, you can read the address here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

28 is GREAT

For my birthday, this handsome fella...
took most of the day off work to treat me to a kid-free afternoon at the Cherry Blossom Festival. (Thanks, Grammy, for watching the kids! They had the BEST day.) It had been raining all morning - really, it was more a of a deluge. However, we were resolved to make the best of it and, armed with umbrellas, we headed to the Tidal Basin.

Although at times the walkway next to the water was impassable and looked like this...
the skies cleared, and it was a balmy 70 degrees for our outing. We walked the circumference of the Tidal Basin, taking time to stop by the Jefferson and FDR Memorials. But mostly, we were enjoying the blossoms and blue skies.

I've decided that I lead a charmed life. As our wedding day approached nearly 6 years ago, it had been raining for a month straight. The road to the temple was closed because of flooding. But, for our wedding the skies parted, and we had an outdoor reception as planned. 
Life is GOOD with Adam in the picture. 

Now, my birthday wishes are completely fulfilled. I have spent the last three days celebrating with family, had a leisurely date with my hubby, and even got a little tree-hugging in. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend so spectacular!