Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas Eve is upon us, and the Wride fam is pretty excited! Last night, John took a cat nap in the evening, so he stayed up late with Adam and me while we were wrapping the final gifts. John has caught the joy of Christmas and was happily jumping away in in his exersaucer while we played Santa's helpers. Adam and I both agreed it was a memory we didn't want to forget...hence my renewed effort at blogging this morning.

Emma had trouble falling asleep too, but she was relegated to the upstairs level so as not to spoil any Christmas surprises. Occasionally, we heard lovie footsteps above and when I went up to check on her, she told me she had left a present on our bedroom door in the form of a foam Christmas tree sticker. This morning, she was the first up and had more gifts to hand out. I received a bunny stuffed animal from the extensive collection on her bed and another Christmas sticker. She has been looking around for more things to give.

Now, Spencer is busily wrapping in all the biggest boxes he can find. (Gotta be sneaky about presentation, you know). These are three awesome, Christmas kids.

More importantly, in the kids' prayers for the last month, there have been frequent mentions of how thankful we are that Baby Jesus was born. In this most glorious of holidays, we turn our thoughts to Him. I, for one, am so grateful that He has made it possible for me to live again and to be sealed eternally to a wonderful husband and these 3 Christmas-loving kids.