Monday, November 17, 2008


Sitting at lunch, eating PB sandwich with Dad, looking at a book about cars, Spencer remarks, "Dad, remember when we went visiting house teaching, what kind of car did we see?"

Visiting house teaching - translation: home teaching

I love that kid.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In other news...

Aaron and Katy had their baby EARLY yesterday morning!!! Here's a little sneak peek 'til Katy is back to her blog.

Announcing the arrival of Reuben James Cummings!

Parents couldn't be prouder, and that baby couldn't be cuter.

A little news from DC...

The topic of today's post is: MEETING THE PRESIDENT!!!! That's right, folks. Mr. President himself. My brother Aaron has a way cool job where he works on the President's Speech Writing Committee. As a perk, he gets special access to the West Wing of the White House (he gives an amazing tour, by the way) and to el presidente himself! Last Wednesday, Aaron took the family along to get a photo and brief audience with President George W. Bush. Dad got pretty excited about the opportunity and flew the college kids from UT to join in the fun. We were only missing Melinda (and OH how we missed you, Lin), who was kept hostage by a choir director who did not want to lose her for their dress rehearsal.

As we waited to meet Mr. President, the anticipation grew. By the time the door to the oval office opened for us, I honestly was more excited than when I was a kid and it was my turn to see Santa. I caught a glimpse of President Bush from the back of the family line, where I stood with Jenny and Dan. We watched him greet each member of our family. He first shook Aaron's hand and then exclaimed, "Where's the mother?" (He had been briefed that there were 11 kids in this fam). The president then gave Mom a warm cheek-to-cheek hug. She was glowing. Two aides (probably Secret Service dudes) moved the couches in the oval office back so the photographer could fit our family in the photo. Then they told us to spread out a bit, which was a bit of a surprise. (We're used to cramming together to fit in a Sears Portrait Studio - habit, I guess). The President, looking at our group, exclaimed, "Well, if you're a fan of family values like I am, this is heaven!"

Mr. President was very warm and folksy. He took the time to shake hands and speak with each member of our family. We even got a "You betcha". Toward the end of our visit, he called Mom back into the oval office (she had exited to the Rose Garden) and made the following statement: "People ask me what it's like. I tell them some days are happy, others not so good, all of them are joyous." I've been thinking about that and how it can apply to pretty much every role from President to parent.

I got the sense that President Bush is a truly good man. He has a tough job, and I continue to pray for him and the rest of our leaders.

Here are a few fabulous photos from our day at the White House:

CJ - How random that you would see my sister in the airport on her way home!!! Thanks for the encouragement to write up this post. :0)