Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valentine's Day

Grammy wanted to take her "sweethearts" out to lunch for Valentine's Day, so we met up with Gpa (now called "Papa" by Spencer") at Red Robin. Grammy had cards for all of us, and the envelopes were stuffed full of chocolate kissables. We felt so loved! Thanks, Grammy!

Emma was thrilled to open her first Valentine's card.

*Special note: We started the day off by opening a bag left by Adam's mom. Inside were CUTE shirts for both kids and other goodies. Both kiddos are sporting their new duds. Spencer's shirt reads "Little Man of the house" (SO perfect, since we call him "little man" and there are tools pictured on the shirt), and Emma's shirt read "BEE mine" with a little bumblebee).

Chocolate Face

To validate a friend's question about whether it is a common practice to doorbell ditch treats on Valentine's eve, I thought I would post this little clip. Spencer got a treat from his friend Avery through just such a method. (Yep, already getting goodies from the girls). Of course, her mom was raised in Utah, and this is the first I have ever heard of this tradition, so that still may be the point of origin. That said, check out Spencer's cheeks. This munchkin had a GOOD Valentine's Day.

Voracious Reader

My kiddos are not the fast movers when it comes to crawling. Spencer was a roller basically until he took his first steps (THEN he decided crawling was pretty fun and fast). Emma is a bum scooter - hall advisor friends will remember since Melanie's little Julianne employed this same tactic. However, when it comes to talking, the Wride kids are ultra-interested. Emma has her first real word (besides "mama" and "dada"). She says "buh" and will point to books. Amazingly, it is not just imitation (although we cajole her into it often enough). The other day, I came across her in the midst of a slough of books left from Spencer's earlier ventures. She was sitting in the middle pointing at each book and saying to herself, "buh...buh...buh." Of course, we think our children are geniuses, and this English major mama could not be prouder. Nevermind that Emma tries to eat the book at the end of this clip...

Prez Day at Massanutten

We joined my fam for a fabulous mini vacation over President's Day. We drove a few hours south to meet up with them at a timeshare. It was FREEZING after the first day, but what a blast. We went go-cart racing (wish I had pictures of when Adam sped by my little sister (age 10), swimming (daily), played arcade games (Mom and I tied for the air hockey championship since the puck refused to come out of the table for us to finish our tied game), and spent two hours sledding down a series of hill (thankfully, there is a moving walkway that takes you back to the top so it is all good fun). I tried water aerobics - a blast. Although I was the youngest person there (the next youngest lady being my mom), I am SO a fan of working out without sweating. I could get used to that. A surprisingly good workout too, since the water provides so much resistance.

Here are a few pictures of our time there. Spencer keeps talking about it and for the first few days just wanted to go back to "the condo". (Massanutten is a little harder to say).
Marie, Emma, and "Papa" bundled up against the cold

Spence checking out the arcade games

Emma the beach babe in her cute pink suit

Adam and Joel on their tubes, ready to conquer the 3-humped sledding hill
Adam and Spencer with skiers in the background

Marie and Emma - from this vantage point we could watch them make snow. Yes, Utahns, that is right. We have a little trouble in that department here in VA - particularly this year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Master Negotiator

Spencer: Daddy, can you read me a story before bedtime?
Dad: Do you remember how I read you TWO stories at naptime? I will read you ONE story, and then it is time for bed because it is getting late.
Spencer: (Runs over to his bag of library books and looks over his shoulder to announce...) I'm going to choose one with a LOT of pages.

This leaves Marie chortling in the background.

LOVE snow days

I look forward to snow days as much now as I did when I was a kid in school. It is amazing what a gift that time becomes when things you have regularly scheduled are cancelled due to inclement weather. This morning, for example, we usually go to a stake institute class - and it was my week to bring a craft and watch the kids in the nursery. When I checked the computer and looked outside (yes, in that order) to see what was happening with the weather, I confirmed that the schools were closed, and since we follow the school schedule, that meant no scripture class. Don't get me wrong - I love going to the class and really like the kids who are in the nursery. But something about snow days feels like Christmas. And, I suppose I should clarify, we here in VA didn't get snow so much as ICE.

This photo was taken just before lunch, when it had started to melt. At 6, the whole neighborhood was a skating rink and each individual tree branch was enveloped and glistening. Poor Mack, the family dog, had a rough time making his routine outing in such conditions.

Snow days give me the leisure to do the things I can never seem to get around to on a normal day. Here's what I did with this morning's gift of time:
-Slept in
-Pilates (ask me the last time I did that...)
-Organized the DVDs
-Organized the CDs (and found "The Secret Garden," which is a soundtrack I LOVE and have been missing for several years - it was hanging out with "Les Mis")
-Looked for a missing DVD from the library (to no avail)
-Pulled up all the couch cushions and rotated them
-Vacuumed under the couch cushions (last time I did that...never in the year and a half we've had these couches, actually)
-Vacuumed the floor (might as well while I have it out)
-Did the dishes (twice)

The rest of the day is back to routine (although Spence and I are going to make cookies after naps in celebration of the snow day), but tonight's String Workshop is also cancelled, so I plan to challenge anyone who is interested to a game of "Ticket to Ride." Maybe we can give Laura, who is a CHAMPION at this game a run for her money.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

President and Sister Hinckley together again

I thought this video was very sweet. The first picture shown got me crying right off. I love to think of the reunion President and Sister Hinckley must have had and am grateful for eternal families.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bum Scooter

Clever Kiddos

First off, the cutest expression EVER was captured during bath time the other day. I'm sure our children will be thrilled when, later in life, they discover that some of their bath pictures have been posted on the world wide web. For now, this is too cute to pass on. Emma is the girl of a thousand faces. What a cute little sneaker!

Next, we have a sweet moment with our baby girl. You would never know that when this picture was taken we were just about to rush out the door for church; Emma has been a very calm baby girl with a sweet temperament and has grown accustomed to the joyful noise and at times quick pace that comes with being in a family.

Our Spencer bubs (who - by the way - is NOT allowed to turn three this year since I'm not ready for him to grow up) is an inventor of games. Today's idea was to have a "ship" (laundry basket) FULL of toys for Emma to sit in. Spencer climbed in to keep her company, and she LOVED it. I had little luck catching the smiles that this game inspired since my camera battery was dying...but you get the idea.

For a time, the kiddos were in separate "ships", but Spencer opted to rejoin his sister in the end. They like to be together. In fact, when Emma first sees Spencer in the morning, she starts jumping up and down with excitement. These two are buddies.