Sunday, June 22, 2008


We had a great Stake Conference this weekend. The focus of the adult session was Teaching the Gospel in our Homes. I am always impressed by the foresight, or shall we call it inspiration, of our Stake President. Here are a few things he said that stood out to me:
-Give children chores around the house; children devoid of responsibility fail to learn about serving others.
-Do not keep peace in the house by avoiding interaction with each other; the home is the greatest laboratory for learning how to resolve conflict.
-Our homes must be safe places for us as we stumble and fall.

It is on this last point I wish to comment further. Emma is learning to walk these days. I am delighted to note that Spencer, her elder and more experienced brother, wants to be involved in the process and help her along. Emma certainly has her share of "stumbles" and "falls" as she makes progress towards this next stage of her life; I want her AND my little Spencer to know that we are there to support and love them as they try new things and make their way through their own journeys in life.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Proof (movie)

Thank you, Auntie Celeste, for introducing Emma to the water. Spencer is not a HUGE fan of being TOO close to the water because the waves are a bit unpredictable, so I didn't think Emma would be so elated. (That's the risk of having more than one child - I tend to think one will react the same way as the other, but let's hear it for individuality!)

Watch Emma walk TOWARDS the water as each wave recedes. We have a beach babe on our hands!

Emma LOVES the beach!

Emma LOVES the beach!
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Here is today's photo update. This may be my blogging style for a bit. A picture a day.

Last year, Ems was just 6 weeks old for our beach vacation. This year, she was old enough to understand just how marvelous it is to put your toes in the sand. She LOVED walking around the beach and, to our surprise, even loved the chilly H2O. Video proof in the next post.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sandy Spencer

In past years, Spencer has experienced some hesitation about the sand. He LOVED the digging part, but did not like getting sand between his feet and his sandals. (Who does, really?) This year that phobia seems to have found a comfortable seat in Spencer's past...wouldn't you say?

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kid Do

I'm trying not to be a "wuss" dad. Here's someone I agree with. Get ready Spencer and Emma!

In case you don't have 10min, here's what he covers (if I have first-hand childhood experience with it):
Play with fire (check)
Own a Pocketknife (check)
Throw a spear (check)
Deconstruct appliances (check)
Break the DMCA (check... wait...)
Drive a car (definitely, ask me later)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Both Kids Looking

Rather than do a completely fluid, well-written post with sundry pictures showing our glorious time at OBX over this year's Memorial Day Cummings Reunion, I am taking the copout and using Flickr. Iphoto is not cooperating, and if I put it off any longer NOTHING will get written.

This little photo captures the best of our attempts to get Spencer and Emma looking and smiling at the same time. We settled for looking. Notice the shovel in Spencer's hand. We couldn't convince him to drop his "tools" for the photo shoot. Too much digging to be done with all that sand.

More to come...keep checking back!