Thursday, January 7, 2010

Famous Folks in Loudoun County

Over Christmas break, we went with the entire Wride clan to see "The Princess and the Frog." A little too much voodoo for my tastes, but a fun film overall. As we were exiting the theater, we saw several members of the Leesburg Ward...and if that wasn't fun enough, Sinbad was there with what appeared to be HIS entire extended family.

Adam convinced me that it was poor form to snap a secret photo, but said if I asked first it was okay. There were others doing both, but I let the opportunity pass. However, as we headed to our car, we came across this car:

which had this license plate:

So, to verify our famous person sighting in the middle of Broadlands, I took a picture of Sinbad's fancy Escalade. There you have it, folks; Loudoun County is the place to be. At least, Sinbad and I think so.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The last gift of Christmas

We had our ultrasound for Baby #3 (affectionately termed "Lemony Snicket" by Mom W when the doctor, a few weeks back, said the baby's head had grown to the size of a lemon). Because the ultrasound date was Dec. 22nd, Adam convinced me that it would be fun to seal the boy vs. girl news in an envelope and open it Christmas morning. Fun it was! It was a REALLY long wait from Dec. 22nd to Dec. 25th, but SO fun to share that moment with the entire Wride clan. And here is our news:

(Written in the card, in case it's hard to read from the picture, is: "(It's a...BOY!!! We have the pictures to prove it, but I thought I'd refrain from blasting those out on the world wide web. My son will thank me later.)

Here's how we feel about the news: THRILLED!!! Emma has been calling this baby (and any baby for that matter) by feminine pronouns (she, her...), but she has quickly adjusted and now loves to talk about how much she loves our baby boy and how handsome he is. Spencer is happy he guessed right and that he gets a little brother.

Later Christmas Day, we took the news over to the other side of Leesburg for opening #2. Everyone was happy (see clapping hands, and Celeste's barely visible upraised arm).

Grammy and Papa, who opened the envelope for round 2, were especially happy. This makes grandchild #6 for the Cummings. On the Wride side, this will be baby #7.
Now, the countdown begins. If you know me well, you know that I spend the year counting down to one of two things: Christmas and Family Beach Week at Nags Head over Memorial Day. This gives me something even SOONER to look forward to. May 8th cannot come soon enough; I can't wait to meet the little man who has such persistent and powerful kicks.