Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Which Austen Girl Are You?

I found this online quiz through a friend's blog. (Thanks, Chelsea!) As much as I might wish I were the glamorous Emma Woodhouse or the sharp-witted Elizabeth Bennet, I am, quite predictably, Elinor Dashwood. It comes from being the eldest sister in a large family, I think.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

HAPPY Birthday girl Emma

HAPPY Birthday girl Emma
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Emma reached her one year mark on April 18th. We had a FABULOUS day, starting with making a cupcake-cake (in the shape of a flower). Emma loved licking the bowl (mmm...chocolate) and "helping" to frost the cupcakes. Then it was off to the library for some bum-scooting/crawling amongst the shelves, another favorite pastime for our lovie. After a good nap, all the family arrived for a BBQ and a birthday party. We sang "Happy Birthday" many times throughout the day, and each time Emma would get her big grin; she knew this was her day. After staring at her lit Tinkerbell candle for a while, Emma allowed big brother Spencer to help her blow it out. (Incidentally, now she has figured out how to blow candles out - just a little after the fact. It was the same with Spence. The milestone seems to occur just a year after the first birthday. Ah, well). Then it was time for presents. Emma was thrilled to receive Baby Einstein books, a new swimsuit (pink - the color of her first year of life when it comes to clothes...Mama was excited to have a girl), a Fisher Price phone (Emma LOVES to talk on the phone - cute now, by age 13...watch out), a Disney t-shirt (also PINK!), bowls, a fork and spoon (for a girl who LOVES to feed herself), and a lion-shaped walker/bike combo. (If I haven't mentioned it before, Em enjoys roaring like a lion. Often that is the first sound she makes when she wakes up or when she first sees Spencer. Always ready to play!)

We had cake and ice cream, said goodbye to the family members who had to rush off to curtain call time for the Pickwick Players production of "Little "Women" and then took Ems out to the swing to finish her big day in her favorite spot. That's when we snapped this photo of one HAPPY birthday girl.

Emma - we love you! You bring such joy into our lives. You have the cutest crinkle-nosed smile, the sweetest temperament, the best hugs, the sweetest kisses, and such good snuggles. We are so proud of the sweetheart you are and the big girl you are becoming. It is a joy to be your parents. Every day, your Daddy and I look at each other in wonder and thank our Heavenly Father for our wonderful little ones. You are our sweet girl, lovie munchkin. Here's to many more wonderful years with our Emma Marie.