Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogworthy Spencerism

Spencer just came to me and said, "Mommy - you have to come see this funny thing that I do. I 'under arrest' Daddy and tell him he's in trouble. Then he has to see the judge and I tell him that he's 'handcupped' because he ate too much candy."

We're really into jokes these days, and this scenario sure tickles Spencer's funny bone. I went in to watch him act it out because I found myself amused by his phrasing and was even MORE entertained when he exited the room (after performing the "under arrest") and reentered as "the chief judge" to pronounce sentence.

Any guesses where we are in our family scripture reading right now?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Spencer's Testimony

Spencer taught the lesson tonight for Family Home Evening. We played the game that is found in the centerfold of The Friend magazine, read scriptures about prayer, and Spencer closed the lesson with his testimony. This is the basic gist of what he said; I only wish I could capture the manner in which he spoke. It was with such fervor, and he went around to individuals to look them in the eye as he spoke. We decided he would make a good pastor...or missionary. Of course, it left his mother teary-eyed. This is one special kid.

"I want to tell you my testimony. I know the church that we go to is the true church. And God is there, even though you can't see him. Prayers are when you talk with Him but you can't see Him. And He is hearing your prayers. And when we go to church and have the bread and water, it's not like a 'sangwich' because it's there to help us remember Jesus. And it's the sacrament."