Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Katy!

Subtitles - "Happy Birthday Katy Cummings"


Disco Mom said...

Whoa, so sorry I am late to the comments! Congrats on joining the blog pack, see how addictive it is? I've been out of the loop for awhile but will get back to regular blog reading. Just wanted to check in and say I am sorely disappointed you did not take advantage of the pun opportunity on your headline and make it "The Cummings and goings..." Cumm' on, are you one or not? Anyway, thanks for the links to your siblings blogs, too - the web widens. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Katy!!!

Katy and Aaron said...

THANKS SPENCER!!! What a sweet Birthday wish. You are my all time favorite nephew!

Marie W said...

Kari - so glad you stopped by the blog! Ah, I had considered that headline, but only when I was away from the computer and unable to make the change. Consider it done! Sure am one! And proud of that Cummings name! (You know all about that, eh, Katy?)