Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend at White's Ferry

Just up the road from our cute town is White's Ferry, the last operating ferry still crossing the Potomac River. (There used to be 100). Just on the other side of the Potomac is the C&O Canal (or what remains of it), so the ferry offered a major boost to the VA economy as it enabled farmers and merchants to sell their wares in DC before the good spoilt.

We had a visit from John and Michelle this weekend, and we took an afternoon excursion across White's Ferry. John and Michelle are great company, and we LOVE hanging out with them. We're just sad that they are headed back West soon with a job transfer!

John brought his fishing poles, so we got this shot of him in his natural habitat. The fish weren't biting in the shallow water, but now that Adam has his VA fishing license purchased and ready I see some good, quality fishing in our future under John's tutelage. We'll be posting fishy stories in the future.

Michelle and I were watching this awesome butterfly. Worth a picture because of its unusual wing tips at the bottom. I was amazed it let me get this close to take the photo; no zoom necessary!

Michelle took this photo of Emma and me sitting on the "comfy rock." We sat back and relaxed while the menfolk were fishing.
All in all, a great trip and definitely worth a return trip. (Next time, we'll remember some cash so we can rent canoes. In MD, cash is still king. They haven't quite caught onto the "credit or debit" scene.)

Fun with the cousins

We had the best week with our cousins. Emily and the kiddos came down from NYC to spend a week while Maddie took some swim lessons. Even though we couldn't get Spencer into the same session (lame, because one kid never showed up), we still had LOTS of fun at the pool together. The kids loved the freedom that came with being in floaties. Spencer and Maddie held hands and kicked around the pool together. We had a great time doing choo-choo trains all 5 grandkids (we miss you, Harrison!) interspersed with games of ring-around-the-rosy, Pop! goes the weasel, and alligator. Emma LOVES her aunt "Em-a-nee" (Emily), and I think it is safe to say that the boys still have a cousin crush on Emma. As for Spencer and Maddie, they are inseparable.

So...when are you coming back??? We miss you already!

Emily with the boys: Ryan (top) and Daniel (bottom)
Spencer showing his independence in the water
Maddie spent all her time (except the 15 minute breaks) in the deep end of the pool. No fear!
Emma helped bury our friend Aliya when we were up at Cunningham Falls in MD.
Strike a pose!
Emma and Ryan digging in someone else's hole.
Maddie and Spencer holding hands, kicking around the lake.
Daniel and Maddie take a break for lunch.
Daniel and Ryan are almost three! We celebrated early by singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles - twice.
Spencer the speedster
Emma the twirler
Bike-riding the the cousins

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adam turns old(er)!

Adam is four months younger than I, so every time he reaches a birthday it is a celebration for me too because he eases off teasing about my being older than he. We had a fantastic celebration this year. The ENTIRE family (or at least those in town) on BOTH sides (Wride and Cummings) came to Sunday dinner to help wish Adam a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to share his scrumptious cake. (He has the same birthday cake every year: angel food cake with 3 layers of whipped cream + berries (raspberries this year) as the frosting. It comes from the Lion House recipe book, which I received as a bridal shower gift from Adam's mom with a birthday sticker next to the cake recipe. That has been a GREAT gift!

Spencer volunteered the army candles leftover from his birthday, so Adam had a theme cake after all.

Spencer loves his Daddy. He made this VERY special birthday hat (with writing on the inside saying "It's your birthday, Daddy. I love you").

Emma was on hand to help out with cake time. She loves Daddy too!

On Saturday, Aug 1st, we pre-celebrated by getting together with my cousin John, his wife Michelle, and their friend Brian to kayak on the Potomac near the monuments in downtown DC. Adam's been on a kayaking kick lately, so this fulfilled a big birthday wish...and it was a LOT of fun too! We have decided we need to take all who visit on this excursion. Parking was easy; rental was cheap ($8/hour); the view was fantastic. Find out more about Thompson Boat Center here.

Strong, handsome, and now just as old as his wife. Love it.