Thursday, July 19, 2007

Marie at Wolf Trap

Marie at Wolf Trap
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Here's Marie last Saturday as we waited for Camelot to start. (This photo was taken just seconds after the obligatory "No cameras or other recording devices can be used" was played over the loudspeaker, and taken just seconds before an earpiece totin' security guard reminded us).

Wolf Trap productions are always a lot of fun. But the most fun is had while you picnic on the lawn before the show.

[Update: Marie and others are at the National Zoo today so I thought I'd post in her absence.]

[Update: Italian soda is an enjoyable beverage in the summer.]


Marie W said...

I'll be the first to comment on this post. First, thanks for posting, babe! You are the best to help me in this little blogdom. Second, I had planned to take pictures well before the announcement to refrain from doing so; the announcement merely reminded me of my previous intention. I did not photograph during the actual show, merely the overture...that absolves me from any guilt, right? So much for the straight and narrow, eh, Cort?

Katy and Aaron said...

Marie, I think you are just as cute as your kids. You look amazing.

Marie W said...

Wow! Thanks!!!