Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bed bug

Bed bug
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Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Milan, Italy - Buon Natale

I have a new favorite flickr group:

Here in the Wride household, the day after Halloween means not only the start of November and gear-up time for Thanksgiving (we do not forget that wonderful holiday by any means), but it also means that it is time to start playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I know that is probably taboo for many until after Thanksgiving's close, but it gets me in the Christmas spirit early...and who can complain about that?

I found this GORGEOUS photo of a home in Milan on the "Days Before Christmas" flickr group. Looking at it, don't you just feel warm, like you have the most delicious hot cocoa in your hand and are snuggling up to someone you love while watching the snow fall outside? I just have to say I love Christmas!!!

I just thought this was funny...

(from Marie)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Like many of you readers, we carved pumpkins on Monday night for Family Home Evening. Finished products are pictured above. Emma and Spencer had some fabulous fun with the pumpkins. Emma was all smiles about the process; Spencer loved helping to punch holes to create a pattern for our creations but wasn't too keen on the whole gooey seed stuff. He takes after his Aunt Laura with that one.

Spencer's job was to put the candles in each pumpkin, and he is very good to tell Emma all about what he is doing to keep her informed and involved.

This year, we had a ladybug and a puppy dog at our house. These two cuties were hits at the trick-or-treating houses. Spencer had some practice at a trunk or treat party a few weeks ago, so he was pretty excited when we told him we were going trick or treating again. There were lots of exclamations of "Happy Halloween!!" throughout the day. Uncle Dan came over for dinner, which only added to Spencer's excitement. (Spence had very specific instruction at the dinner table about how Dan needed to sit right next to him). We started off in the Wride neighborhood and visited a few houses before knocking on Grandma's door. Spencer said "Trick or treat" and held out his bag expectantly. However, Grandma had gone to get her camera and Laura was turned around to get the candy and play-doh treats; our poor little puppy dog was so disappointed, thinking he wasn't getting candy when he had done everything so well, that he had a few tears. Thankfully, Gma W and Laura were quick to respond - crisis averted.

We finished off the night by driving to the Cummings neighborhood, where Adam, Dan, Spencer, Emma and I met up with Joel, Trina, Gma, and Gpa C. We posed for the classic Cummings costume lineup, pictured below, and headed home after some delicious hot cocoa and pumpkin bars. Yum!