Friday, December 19, 2008

The Ryan Dance

The Ryan Dance
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
See here for the original moves by Ryan himself.

Doing the Ryan dance

Doing the Ryan dance
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
I love my little twinner nephews. The last time they were down visiting from NYC, Ryan (the younger of the boys) came up with this closed-eyes dance, and it tickled my funny bone. Spencer picked it up as a tribute to his cousin. Ryan, Daniel, and Maddie...we miss you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In case you were wondering...

We did celebrate Halloween...

And Chocolate Day (with the originator of the tradition, Gma Wride)...
('s freezing cold on Chocolate Day so the chocolates will set).
We also had a fabulous Thanksgiving - two, in fact. One with the Cummings clan (complete with apple turkey making)... 
and lots of pie-eating.
Plus a second Thanksgiving Dinner with ALL of Spencer and Emma's Wride cousins and clan (just missing Jorge Luis, and we DID miss you!!!). 


Next week, Emma will be 20 months old. That time has gone quickly. The poor little munchkin is getting two teeth in right now, but between moments where she is expressing her displeasure at the pain that accompanies that process, she sure is cute. I thought others might enjoy viewing a few of our Lovie's many faces.

Some things about Emma I never want to forget:
-She LOVES Boo (from Monsters, Inc.). She pulls out the Disney storybook every day, and says "Boo?" So, we turn through the pages saying, "Is Boo on this page?" to which she responds, "Noooo..." until we reach the Monsters, Inc. story and she exclaims, "Boo! Boo!"
-One day, when playing the above game, Emma pointed at Boo and then at her hair, saying "Boo, boo" until I got the idea that she wanted pigtails in her hair so she could look just like Boo (which she does).
-When Emma first saw Monsters, Inc. she pointed at Boo and said her own name, which sounds more like "Memma!" A little character confusion. So cute.
-She can sing a scale in tune and is awesome at matching pitches in general.
-She loves music and will sit mesmerized for the first 30-45 minutes of an orchestra concert. Pretty good for a toddler.
-She LOVES her baby doll and points out all real babies in grocery stores or wherever we happen to be. Last week, during a violin lesson, the mother of my student let Emma feed a sweet baby girl her bottle. Emma was enthralled.
-She loves to be outside and wants her coat anytime anyone is leaving so she can go too.
-She has had a shoe fetish since the day she could say the word and enjoys carrying a purse - or anything that has a strap - and strolling around in style.
-She loves Christmas trees (anything with Christmas lights is pronounced a "tree" by Emma).
-She looks forward to opening her chocolate advent calendar, but understands that she only gets one piece each day. I'm amazed she is okay with that b/c this girl LOVES chocolate. (That comes from me).
-She teases her Dad by puckering up big time and then pulling her kisses back at the last second but then gets jealous when I kiss him instead and comes back with a huge smackeroo for "Dada."
-She lights up with a huge smile when Spencer wakes up in the morning. These two are buddies.
-She is a champion snuggler, especially when she is not feeling well or just waking up.
-She sings along with any and every song and does an superb job with "Jingle Bells" in particular.
-She loves to give her big brother hugs and kisses - and do anything he is doing. Usually, that works out well, but they haven't yet figured out how to share the computer. (That comes from Adam).
-She LOVES books. If she is upset, 9 times out of 10, reading a book will cure her sorrow.
-She has a binkie and a bear that stay in her crib and are her best nap time/sleeping time friends.
-She carries her clothes to the dirty laundry basket and her diapers to the trash can. I think it's so funny, but she will throw a fit if I try to do it for her. We do a lot of washing hands around here.

Those are just a few of the many things we love about our Emma Marie. I sure love her, and since I don't scrapbook, gotta let her know somehow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A little gem

I was just filling out our family's birthdates for an online form. The trend goes like this:
Adam - August
Marie - April
Spencer - April
Emma - April

It reminded me of a comment Spencer made last week. "Mommy, when Daddy dies and he lives again, can his birthday be in April?"

Looks like we have a little clarifying to do on the topic of resurrection. :0)