Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spencer is 6

Hard to believe how quickly the time has flown. Spencer Glen Wride, my firstborn, is SIX years old today. We've had a string of celebrations: a big family dinner last night, complete with presents, cake and ice cream; breakfast in "bed" with the whole family this morning (more candle-blowing); cake and candles with Emma's preschool friends; more cake shared with the neighborhood friends at school bus time; family presents and choco-mint-chip ice cream, just like you requested (kid after my own heart). We skipped the evening installment of cake, but couldn't miss out on the ice cream.

I never want to forget how you didn't go to sleep last night until nearly 11pm because you were SO excited about your birthday. Then, in the morning, you awoke a full hour earlier than necessary and passed the time putting together a Lego Star Wars creation until we arrived with your breakfast cinnamon rolls for a family breakfast in your bedroom. Tonight, you claimed once more that you couldn't get to sleep, so you hung out on my lap reading me stories while I worked through a few "to do" items on the computer. When I asked you if you'd had a good birthday, you responded "A GREAT birthday, and not because of the presents. Because of people like you, Mom." Not to say you didn't LOVE every Star Wars or LEGO-related gift you received. The plastic sword you unwrapped today was met with immediate approval as well and was put to immediate use with Emma countering on the light saber you got from yesterday's present-opening. (Thanks Uncle Joel!)

When I was asking Sunday night what we should eat for the family dinner, you were throwing a baseball up and catching it and responded, "You pick, Mom. I just don't want you to have to spend too much time cooking."

You've always been like that, Spence. Super sweet, considerate of others, and mature in so many ways beyond your 6 years. You still break into belly laughter if anyone says the word "underpants," but what kindergartner doesn't succumb to such silliness? It's part of the charm, really. And it is truly charming to be your mother, Spencer. You're growing into such a fine, handsome young man. We love you!

Baby Spencer

Big Boy Spencer

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's

I was never really much for April Fool's Day celebrations growing up. I suppose I was too preoccupied with birthday anticipation to care much about the first day of April. Clearly the THIRD of April was much more momentous. However, I have been persuaded to get in on some of the fun; I have a boy who LOVES the tricks and jokes that accompany April Fool's Day. While I still stay away from any mess-making jokes (saran wrap on the toilet seat...just gross), we have had some good laughs. So far:

-Adam froze the kids' cheerios and milk overnight. (Spencer remembered that one from last year and requested it).
-We gave the kids real breakfast, but I hid a little plastic figurine in each bowl. Surprise!
-Spencer had the idea to call Dad, Grandma, and Grammy and, when they answered, ROAR really loudly then say "April Fool's!" If you have our number on your caller id and no message, that's why. Emma thought it was a pretty good idea, so Grandma got 2 phone calls. (Thanks for being such a good sport.)
-Spencer made a sandwich for Adam (at about 9:30am because he couldn't wait any longer) and left the wax paper from the cheese slices inside. Tricky, tricky!
-I got a raisin in my toothpaste cap, courtesy of Spencer, and then constant reminders to brush my teeth, plus an audience as I did so. Sneaky Spence.
-We dressed John up in a dress, which little man thought was hiLARious, big brother and sister got a good chuckle, but Adam only found mildly humorous. Don't worry - it was more of a Scottish kilt, really. A great plaid.
-The kids have been sneaking around trying to spy on my next April Fool's joke. Here's what Spence will discover when he opens his kindergarten snack today - HAMBURGERS!

Or ARE they? It's actually Nilla Wafers, Grasshopper cookies, and colored frosting. Yum! That's my kind of April Fool's.