Monday, August 27, 2007

grilling is not the same as asado

We invited the three Argentine BYU MBA '09 students and their families over to Grandpa's house for an American bbq (sorry, no asado). I knew Nelson and his wife Lorena on my mission where he was a branch president. I met Dario and Luis this March during a GMAT class in Buenos Aires. They were nice to eat the burgers and chicken I grilled and seemed intrigued by the pink "salad". Weird place this Provo.

grilling is not the same as asado
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a fish!

a fish!
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Spencer did his first fishing at Round Valley lake, one of many reservoirs in the Lassen National Forest (a note, I finally figured out the difference between a National Forest and Park, the forests are bigger and free; the parks have the more interesting sights and cost a bit, but only a bit). We figured Spencer was legal to be fishing without a permit since he's under twelve. We just had to keep some other people from doing the same. The Blue Gill in this water were quite obliging as the hooks didn't stay down too long.

Marie's note: The fish basically jump out of the water and onto the line. We also had a fishing pole going for Emma some of the time, since you don't need a permit to fish if you're under 16. It was a wee little pole, but there was generally a bigger person on the other end of it "helping" her to go fishing. I caught my first fish in a LONG time and while posing for a picture, that same fish was unceremoniously flung back and forth in an attempt to get me close to it. I was no good at watching a fish on a hook - one I had lured him with, no less. It made my stomach turn a bit. Learn something new about yourself every day, don't you? Maybe I'm this much closer to being vegetarian...or I'll just continue letting someone else capture (etc.) my food.

More Drakesbad Photos

This fun family photo is from our hike up to Boiling Springs Lake in Lassen National Park. Despite Katy's qualifier that a "hike" must be at least 3 miles, otherwise it is just a "walk" ;0) I think we'll lump this one in the first category. It was one mile up, one back...and when you add in the carriage of one 17 pound baby girl and a 34 pound 2-year-old boy (bless you, Adam) who will not always cooperate with riding on the shoulders...well, that has to make up for at least one mile, right? Thus, it was Emma's first hike. You can see a bit of the sulfur steam coming off the lake. Why is it that sulfurous fumes, while not overtly pleasant, make one feel healthier for having encountered and inhaled them?

One a more pleasant note, we had a fabulous time smelling trees. That's right. Some of you out there are tree huggers, we are tree smellers. There is a particular tree in these forests that smells like butterscotch pudding. Jolene and Mom? What is the name of the tree again? You'll have to tell us in the comments. Regardless, it is one of those that gets the olfactory glands going and sends me down memory lane. We didn't make it to the cabin every summer of my childhood, but I have very fond memories of those summers that did find us in the lands 'round Lake Almanor. One of the first things I do upon returning is roll down the windows and breathe deeply.

Well, Emma, who is on my lap, has just given off a scent that gives me very different feelings. Time for a little diaper change, so I will cut this post short.

This picture below is of some boiling mud along the lake. It is entrancing in person.


hot water*

hot wata
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On our first full day in California at the family cabin near Chester, we drove up to Lassen National Park. We decided on the Boiling Springs "hike" (yes, Katy, even this one probably doesn't qualify) in the Drakesbad area (isn't that a cool name?). As we hiked we soon found ourselves crossing some mountain streams and even a couple hot springs. Spencer wasn't sure what to make of this smelly, hot water. =)

* this is the first of a series of posts to help us remember the trip we just made to Utah and California. Also, I geotagged the pictures so if you click on the picture and then click on the (map) link on the bottom right you can see where the pictures were taken.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Friday, August 17, 2007

Zions National Park

We are in southern utah this week for the shakespeare festival. Today we drove down to Zions National Park with my family. The one "hike" (Sorry to disappoint Katy) we did was to Weeping Rock. Tonight we caught Coriolanus in the outdoor theater.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off to Utah

Off to utah
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Here's Marie, Spencer, and Emma as they left for Utah this afternoon. I'll join them on Saturday. (btw, this is the inaugural photo from my camera phone with internet access. I suspect this won't be the last)

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Adam has finally caught up to me in age. He is the big 26 TODAY!!!! We had an early celebration with both sides of the family to celebrate, since the kids and I are leaving today for Utah. (Some birthday present, I know, but the tickets were $60 cheaper, and now that Spencer requires his own seat...that money sure talks!). Here are a few photos of us celebrating this wonderful man who is my sweet husband and the teasing, tickling, laughing, snuggling, chasing, racing, jumping, HANDSOME father of our two little ones.

Emma sure LOVES her Daddy! Just look at that smile.

Adam is the "fireman" at our house, so he got to light AND blow out the candles this time around.

"Heavy, heavy hang over (or is it hangover??) thy poor head; what do you wish this person with a bump on your head?"

This catchy little rhyme is a Wride family tradition. After repeating the words and bopping the birthday boy on the head, you get to hear a nice wish for the giver of the gift. Aaron was obliging enough to do the bopping. Sadly, we only did it for the last gift since I am a convert to the tradition and, therefore, had forgotten. Adam put us back in line. ;0)