Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Here are Marie, Emma, and Aaron at the Nationals game on Monday. Adam and Spencer are on the other end of the camera phone. We went to the game courtesy of Aaron's law firm and were just six rows back. We had a spectacular time, especially because our team won, and that meant fireworks! Emma jumped a few times at the spontaneous applause, but both she and Spencer thoroughly enjoyed being out of doors and at the game. We had hot dogs and sang the traditional "Take me out to the Ball Game!" What a wonderfully American experience!


Katy and Aaron said...

I can't believe how big Emma is already! And I'm not surprised Aaron found a way to be the one holding her.

Marie W said...

He is a tricky one, that Aaron. :0) His offer to hold Emma came at the perfect moment, though, since she was getting a bit antsy with me. Aaron to the rescue!