Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Papa-Style Fun: Winter Carnival 2013

My dad sure loves being a grandpa. When Spencer was little, "Papa" came out as "Boppa," and we sure love it when Boppa/Papa hosts cousin gatherings. When our little cousin Gideon was born, siblings Reuben and Miriam spent a few days at Grammy and Papa's house. We joined them for some cousin fun, and Papa put together an impromptu Winter Carnival for the kids.

Here is Reuben meeting 1 month old baby Brett. Reuben LOVES babies.

Emma and Miriam had some fun spinning in the basement as a carnival activity.

John thought the moon bounce was pretty fun.

Spencer on a single spinner.

This was a "dress up" game. Each kid had to pick a card and then go dress up like the character on that card. Did John pick kitchen maid? Or was it country girl? No matter. He assumed superhero stance and worked that outfit!

Sadly, I don't have photos of the other games. We spent some time petting Sarah's bunnies.

The afternoon closed with story time. And Papa does all the voices.