Sunday, April 27, 2008

Conversation on the way home from church

Spencer announced on the way home from church today that he was going to sing the "Lamoni song."

"We're all dead...Soon we will be dead..." he began.

Adam and I quickly interjected the more upbeat lyrics of "We're alive...Don't you know that we're alive."

Thank you, "Liken the Scriptures" series. I'll never think of Lamoni's servants and their conversation with Ammon (about the perils of tending the king's flocks) the same way.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Women

Professor Bhaer proposes from Adam Wride on Vimeo.

Today was wonderful for so many reasons. My "little woman" Emma turned 1 today (more on that later). We had a fun and festive celebration with lots of family, then got the kids in their jammies and headed off to see "Little Women", a musical put on by a local theater company. Adam's sister and my brother were in the cast - and both put on spectacular performances. While I figure I need to get Laura's permission before I put video of her on my blog (she was a FABULOUS troll in one of the scenes...hard to explain unless you've seen the show), I did warn Dan ahead of time that I was going to blog tonight about the performance. Let's put aside the fact that "Little Women" is my all-time favorite book and forget the fact that I bawled all through the song Beth and Jo sing just before Beth dies (and all through the second act for that matter). I would have gone just to see my AMAZING little brother sing this song (see above video). If you only have a moment, skip ahead to 1:30 in the video - that's where Dan (as the professor) and" Jo" start to harmonize. It is - lovely! I was so proud to be Dan's sister and kept glancing up the aisle at my mom and dad, who were pleased as punch. We congratulated ourselves just to be related to him. It reminds me of when the girls in our high school chorus class (the teacher included) started to cry when Dan sang a solo because his tone was so pure, clear, beautiful!

Dan - I'm SO proud of you!

p.s. If you watch to the end of the video, you can see Dan fake a stage kiss. That's just good fun!

(written April 18, but the post wouldn't upload until this morning)

Monday, April 14, 2008

A week in Hawaii

Waimea Bay
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Adam and I just returned from a week-long trip to Hawaii - an early celebration of our 5 year anniversary (which is in June). Gotta go when the timeshare swap is available. :0) Thanks to Grammy and Grandma and all their helpers who took care of our kiddos while we were gone.

Hawaii is nothing short of amazing. It's midnight, so I'll not blog about all the wonderful times to be had on the island of Oahu, but check out our flickr pictures for a general idea. We LOVED it and cannot wait to go back.

HAPPY birthday boy (the movie)

HAPPY birthday boy (the movie)
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Have you ever seen a happier birthday boy?

Happy birthday to you (the movie)

Spencer is THREE years old! I can hardly believe it. The whole gang (both sides of the family) got together to watch him blow out the birthday candles. The fire engine cake made a reappearance this year by popular demand (Spencer was insistent when we tried suggesting something different from his cake last year). We go with what works. We did have Lightning McQueen plates and napkins (note the #95 on Spencer's bday hat, courtesy of Uncle Joel).

Here's a little video of all the action.

(posted by Marie via Adam's flickr account)

From bum scooting to crawling!

Emma crawling
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Emma turns one on Friday, and in the last week she has decided to CRAWL! Her bum scooting is so funny to watch and has proved quite adequate a means of transportation, but now she's investigating all her options. We'll let you know when those first independent steps are taken. Right now she will walk if holding onto something and then lunge towards the couch for her last step or two.

In the meantime, she sure is figuring out how to communicate. She'll scoot over to the trash or dog food and wave her finger back and forth, saying "Doh Tuh" (for "don't touch"). Wonder who she's imitating there...
(posted by Marie via Adam's flickr account)

Friday, April 4, 2008

bad macaroni put to good use

bad macaroni put to good use
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We had some (terrible) macaroni and cheese in our cupboards and an unsuspecting father cooked it up for his children. As you can tell, we have raised our children well. Spencer knew what to do.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Geeky birthday

When Marie married me she knew I was a bit of a geek. That has upsides and downsides. Hopefully she will forgive me this (though I think this will be fun). Tonight, at 7:15pm Eastern (5:15pm Utah, 4:15pm California/Pacific) you can join me and some family (at the link above) as we sing happy birthday to her and have her blow out some candles.

By the way, she doesn't know I'm doing this... (you knew that - there's no way she'd do this willingly with prior knowledge)

Hope you'll see us soon,

p.s. I'll turn it on a few minutes early ~7pm...

UPDATE: Also, this is a one way broadcast (unfortunately) so you don't need a webcam and we won't be able to hear you sing (or not sing).