Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

For the past two years, we've joined together with some really good friends for a preschool co-op. 2 boys, 2 girls, great dynamic, and FABULOUS moms each taking a week's turn to prepare lessons and crafts for the kiddos.

Here's the 2-3 year old group ("the other" Spencer, Michaelyn, Avery, and Spencer):

As they got bigger, the group changed a bit as some moved on to a formal preschool. Here's the 3-4 year old co-op group on "P Day":

When it came time to make plans for this school year, I thought we'd look into one of the preschools held at a local high school where HS students help to teach the class. I sent Spencer and Adam to check it out, but in the back of my mind I was still thinking that another year of co-op was a good option. I like having Spencer around and was having a hard time believing that he was really old enough to go to school. He came home from the preschool orientation SO excited that it quickly became apparent he was ready to move on. Now my little man looks forward to the three days a week when he gets to put on his Batman backpack, don his new Spiderman shoes and head to school.

Again, Spencer is lucky to be surrounded by good friends. Three of the four members of last year's co-op are in the same preschool class, and there are two additional kids from primary (the children's class at church) that are also in the class. Spencer and Luke have formed a pretty tight friendship. We carpool; they both like Spiderman; and they sit at the same table at preschool. Here's a picture of the buddies on their first day.

Every time Spencer comes home from preschool, I get a debriefing on all the great things he did at school. It's become one of my favorite times of the day. I love to see how excited he gets about learning, and he often plays the games he did at preschool with Emma when she gets up from her nap.

You're growing up, Spencer, and we are sure proud of you!

Another note: Leading up to the first day of preschool, Spencer asked for a Father's Blessing. It was very special to see how reverent he was through the blessing. As we drove up to preschool, I could tell that he was feeling a little nervous, and he started telling Luke about the blessing he had received. Spencer took comfort in that and found the courage to face the first day.