Saturday, April 27, 2013

Linsy Meets Brett

When Brett was just a wee little dude, my roomie Linsy came down with her boys Tate and Beau for a visit. Darin was off to TX to check out a fellowship. 

John loves nothing more than to play "baa guys" with the fellas. I believe they won this battle. 

When we last got together, John was going through a hitting phase. Happily, we have moved past that. Beau and John were the best of buddies now that John was no longer playing the sweet, smiley bully. (He'd give a big grin and then go for the tackle.)

LEGOS! Boys and more boys having a grand time together. 
(Spencer, Beau, Tate, John)

Emma loves a Linsy visit too. Whenever I wear anything Em thinks is fashionable, she asks me if I got it from Linsy. We love the Linsy look! 

In the photo below, we are about to cut into a delicious cupcake-cake made by Nancy Smith from our ward. 

Linsy came with some delicious pre-made food and took great care of us while she was here. John woke up so happy each day because he had buddies to hang with, and I loved showing off my sweet little munchkin. Thanks, Lins, for a great visit. 

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