Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our new "baby"

Adam has completed his first week as an entrepreneur. He is working to develop software that helps people learn a foreign language and is one happy fella! As an investment in this new venture, we made a little trip to Office Depot this week to get a laptop for this businessman. I teasingly call it his new "baby". Spencer was so excited to help him open the box. Hmm...the "box"...isn't that how you techies out there refer to laptops? Spencer really was thrilled with the cardboard part of this purchase. He colored and played with it and the styrofoam packing for at least half an hour while Dad figured out his new toy.
Emma was excited to share in Daddy's joy. This computer can scan your face to log you in. Pretty cool, huh?
And don't worry...Adam may be a techie, but no new toy can take the place of the real baby in this house. (Don't you love Emma's little pink velour jogging suit. I love little girl clothes!!)


Amy said...

aww, I DO love her velour jogging suit! SO cute!

lori said...

ooooooo. We can imagine how happy a new laptop would make Adam (especially one cool enough to...scan your face??!)! What an exciting venture! Good luck!
And the velour! Love it!

Just Katy said...

Ha ha, her diaper gives her a little booty. It makes her looks like the other ladies I've seen sporting velour joggin suits.
Congrats on the new addition.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Scan your face? That's amazing. Way to go Adam on being a real person; I expect to see you in the next Bourne movie if they make one.

--if not you, then at least your computer. Oh, and could you post a picture of Adam getting scanned, that would just be too cool.