Thursday, October 18, 2007

Emma is 6 months old!

Happy Birthday, Chickadee! We love, love, LOVE having this cheery little girl in our lives. She is such a social baby who wants to be in on every conversation and will flirt and smile at you until your attention is effectually captured. Spencer loves her and wants to make sure she is included in just about everything, even making sure that Emma had her turn swinging in the blanket during FHE. "It's Emma's turn!" He was insistent, and Emma LOVED it. Thanks Gpa W and Dad for obliging.

Here is our cutie pie this morning. I decided to take her 6 month pictures first thing, since just after that we headed to the doctor's for her check-up...that means shots. Not necessarily the recipe for smiles later on. Emma was out to prove that she is growing up. She sat up for a good LONG time outside while I snapped a few shots. She never toppled. In fact, I picked her up before she even looked unsteady.

Here are Emmas stats:
Height - 90-95%
Weight - 95-97% (That's my girl!)
Head - 75%

She has the cutest little cabeza.

After shots (trauma and drama) and a trip to Grammy's to catch up on some chatting and see the home school kids, we headed back home. Emma had missed a nap and had been so busy was her response to our morning...
Sleepy girl!

And just because I think these kids are cute...a few more pictures.
Our version of the double stroller

Emma's first experience with the swing at the nearby tot lot.

Spencer was loving the camera and wanted to take a picture on the steps of the play equipment. I thought that was sweet, so I instructed him where to sit, and he wrapped his arms around Emma. However, he was so excited to see the picture that he jumped up and Emma took a dive into the woodchips before I could catch her. She recovered admirably (thank goodness!). Do you remember when seeing your photo in the screen on the back of the camera was not even an option? In this instance, I wish for the good old days back.

(A funny side note: Spencer will pick up a wooden block, snap some "pictures" and then say, "Look, Mom," pointing at the back where the picture would show up on a digital camera. Oh, and he calls the good old toy record player Aunt Alice gave us a "DVD player" because he has no other frame of reference. So funny!)


Onthego Family said...

What sweet pictures. It was so fun reading about your day and I laughed so hard when I saw the "shop til you drop" photo. HOpefully she got in a good nap after that!

Amy said...

awww! such fun brother & sister photos! and way to grow, emma! I'm dreading Eliza's Day o' Shots coming up in a few weeks too, but it is kinda nice how much they sleep post-check-up...

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Marie! Emma is already 6 months old! I feel like it was just yesterday that you posted for her 5 month lunarversary! I LOVE your "double stroller." Spencer must be an expert big brother to make that work, I don't think Viana could control herself if we tried it!

lori said...

Happy 6 months, Emma!!!
What a darling little duo! Love all the stories! Spencer and his "dvd" player, ha! (we've talked a lot about this new "digital" age and what it will be like for our kids to have such a viewable history of their childhood....???!!!)

Peter and Leslie Wride said...

Holy moley, 6 months already?!? Emma is a doll! And such a big girl sitting up! I love the picture of her in the swing the most. She is such a cutie!

Chelsea said...

These are too cute! I can't believe how big they are both getting.

thunderbyrdz said...

That is one cute kid. Give her all the love in the world.