Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leaning tower

Our kids have been sick for the last week with croup, so my brain is a bit too sleep-deprived to compose a clever blog entry. I could not, however, pass up the opportunity to show off this sweet little lady. Emma is learning to sit up on her own. I love watching little ones make new discoveries - toes, toys, tongue clucks. It makes me more appreciative of the simple joys in my life.

Emma so enjoys this little moment of independence, though it is somewhat short-lived as she soon goes toppling over. I did manage to catch this photo before catching her as she headed toward the floor. I promise that I had just wiped her drool before taking both pictures. Will those teeth ever surface?


cellomom5 said...

Ok, now I have a new favorite picture of Emma....she's adorable even when she doesn't feel good!

lori said...

Emma! You're growing up!! These pictures are so cute! (And almost as cute is the mental picture I have of your mom sitting by you and soaking up a wonderful moment! This post captures just about the best part of motherhood...precious little moments!)

Amy said...

Wow, Emma's hair looks so dark in that picture- how pretty! I don't know any Wride's besides Adam, so perhaps this is very bias, but some of Emma's features remind me of Cummings' genes.

I'm amazed at how much drool Eliza is able to produce also! It takes her no time at all to soak the front of her shirt-- My pediatrician said that baby's drool puddles seem like sun dials and you can tell the time of day by how much drool there is! which i found very funny and very familiar.

Just Katy said...

What brilliant eyes!