Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grammy's and Papa's Birthdays

February is the beginning of birthday season. Dad's bday is on the 10th, and Mom's is on the 15th. This year, we gave edible presents.

For Dad, Macaroni Salad.

And for Mom, the kids helped me create this fabulous fruit bouquet.

We got together to celebrate with a family dinner as well. Jenny, Nathan, Isaac, and Lily surprised us all with a weekend trip from NJ. Our little contingent of the family had already decided to stay the weekend with the Cummings so we could be around for all the games and fun all weekend long.

Spencer worked really hard during our snow days to pose his plastic cowboy and indian guys in an elaborate "I Spy" book for Papa. He was really pleased to deliver the present.

We love you, Grammy and Papa!!


Amy said...

Looks like some fun times! I'm so impressed by the fruit bouquet! What a great idea!

Marie W said...

It was really fun to make - and surprisingly manageable to assemble. we used cookie cutters for the pineapple shapes, and the kids were experts at skewering grapes.