Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valentine's Day

Grammy wanted to take her "sweethearts" out to lunch for Valentine's Day, so we met up with Gpa (now called "Papa" by Spencer") at Red Robin. Grammy had cards for all of us, and the envelopes were stuffed full of chocolate kissables. We felt so loved! Thanks, Grammy!

Emma was thrilled to open her first Valentine's card.

*Special note: We started the day off by opening a bag left by Adam's mom. Inside were CUTE shirts for both kids and other goodies. Both kiddos are sporting their new duds. Spencer's shirt reads "Little Man of the house" (SO perfect, since we call him "little man" and there are tools pictured on the shirt), and Emma's shirt read "BEE mine" with a little bumblebee).


wes said...

(L) What fun and creative V-day doings!

Kris10 said...

Marie! What a beautiful family! I hope things are going so well for you!!!