Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Master Negotiator

Spencer: Daddy, can you read me a story before bedtime?
Dad: Do you remember how I read you TWO stories at naptime? I will read you ONE story, and then it is time for bed because it is getting late.
Spencer: (Runs over to his bag of library books and looks over his shoulder to announce...) I'm going to choose one with a LOT of pages.

This leaves Marie chortling in the background.


Dan Cummings said...

Awww. Spencer lives so close and yet every time I see him or hear of him he grows up so much, but still stays cute! cool kid.

Peter and Leslie Wride said...

Too funny. That Spencer is one smart cookie. I hope he enjoyed his extra long book tonight!

Just Katy said...

And then he picked up the Book of Mormon? 500 pages of good fun in one little book.

lori said...