Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sweet 16!

We came home from Williamsburg in time to celebrate Sarah's 16th birthday. This beautiful sister of mine is almost exactly one half my age. I really hoped that she would be born on my birthday, but she came a full 6 days earlier than that. Still, I have always felt a closeness with Sarah since we are so close in birthday. I remember that while Mom and baby were still in recovery mode in the upstairs bedroom, I had a 16th birthday party bash with friend Thomas Nuzzaco acting as DJ out on the back patio. One of the neighbors called the cops. When the police arrived, it was pretty apparent that they were expecting to break up a wild party; instead they found a bunch of soda-drinking teens with parents at home chaperoning. We turned down the music and proceeded with the par-tay. 

Now that I look back, I can't believe Mom and Dad were up for all that one week post-baby. You were a good-natured little lady, Sarah, for going along with all that craziness. 

We really love Aunt Sarah. She is an awesome aunt, a lover of all things owl (see cake and cupcakes), witty conversationalist, a cheerful friend, and you can rely on her to give the latest scoop when it comes to family news. In earlier years, she was nicknamed "the reporter." 

One of us 16 years old, and the other 16x2 (- a few days). Gulp!

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