Sunday, October 6, 2013

Easter Sunday

Since Spring Break was the week before Easter, we spent a relaxed Friday morning hanging out at Grammy's house and Emma got to help Grammy prep a resurrection story set for her primary class. Emma LOVES lamination. For real. We have a laminator, and she is always wanting to do projects and laminate them. She likes the smoothness of it. Sheet protectors too. Both have made it onto preliminary Christmas lists (gotta start scheming early here, people). We'll see if they make the final cut come December. 

Easter Sunday was also cousin Gideon's blessing day, so we traveled up to MD for a family brunch before Aaron and Katy's church began. 

There was just enough time to sneak in a group photo at the temple since Aaron and Katy attend church in the building right next door. 
Pictured L to R (loosely): Amy, Jennifer, Ron, Eliza (Meldau family), Aaron, Grammy, Joel, Miriam, Papa, Reuben, Katy, Gideon, Sarah, Trina, Celeste, Emma, Spencer, John, Janet, Adam, Marie, Brett 

After the blessing, Aunt Celeste was kind enough to come with us to take some photos at the temple in preparation for Spencer's baptism. We wanted to make an invitation for him to hand out and thought it might be nice to have some family photos taken too. Of course, we had to get a photo with Aunt Celeste too! Niece and nephew love!

After attending our ward, we met up at Grammy's house for Easter dinner. Grammy had made these darling resurrection desserts for all the grandkids. (It's a tomb/donut with the stone rolled away)

We are lucky enough to have both sides of the family close and - what's more - they are friends. Dad Wride joined us for Easter dinner (am I remembering right that Mom Wride was out of town?). 
Always so lovely to meet together for a family dinner. 
(Pictured: Aaron, Katy, Emma, Melinda, Reuben, Curtis, Trina, Dad Wride, Janet, Adam, John, Marie, Brett, Spencer, Celeste, Sarah, Grammy, Gideon, Joel, Papa taking the picture)

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