Sunday, October 6, 2013


Time for the periodic blog catch-up. We had some good springtime fun here in Lansdowne with the neighborhood Easter egg hung. Emma and Spencer were happy to pose with the big bunny man himself, but John didn't think that was a good idea, and Brett was sleeping in the stroller. Our friends Cole and Michael (both in Spencer's cub scout den) jumped in to take the place of my other two boys. Emma is used to hanging with the fellas since this is the make-up of our actual family: 3 boys and 1 girl. (As a side note, I am loving the monochromatic pattern-mixing Em has going on. Risk-taking fashionista, that one.)

John was just under the wire for the "under 3" egg hunt. He had a great time picking eggs up from the lawn. It was funny to watch since the first couple went right through to the other side when he tried to place them in the basket. He quickly got the hang of it, though.

There was also a petting zoo at the neighborhood egg hunt. I have no idea what animal John is petting, but I admired his courage for marching right up to take a turn.

Emma with her haul. The neighborhood eggs are full of stickers and stick-on tattoos. 

Spencer with his eggs. The older kids were limited to 10 eggs each. Spencer and his buddies may have had to throw a few back to stick to their limit. 

Love this little dude. Brett is such a happy, calm little man. Rocking some spring colors and a cute tie onesie from Tera Phomsopha (violin mom and friend). 

We had fun dying Easter eggs. Neighbor Kareena joined us for the fun. Emma has invited her to church, and she came regularly for a long while. Emma is fearless when it comes to sharing the Gospel - our own little missionary. 

Can't get enough of dressing up this little guy. Brett was rocking this cute church outfit, a gift from Rhoda Shields (another violin mom and friend). 

We made special arrangements for the Easter bunny to come to our house early because we were off to Williamsburg over Spring Break and knew the kids might enjoy having Easter candy and goodies for the car ride. The Easter bunny had our back and came through big time. John got a towel with his name on it. 

And so did Emma! The rest of us have towels with our names from a Christmas when Em was just a wee babe. 

Spencer got some long socks, which he tried on immediately. This kid wants to wear shorts all winter long. Soccer socks make it so at least most of his flesh is covered, so this was a very good thing. 

The kids got some awesome candy too. Sneaky Easter bunny hid the eggs in the basement this year and one of them was hidden so well that it had us looking for a good half hour. It was blending in with a fisher price toy. 

We packed up our spoils and headed down to Williamsburg to visit Aunt Janet. 

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