Thursday, November 22, 2012

The end of 1st Grade for Spencer

In my catch-up blogging, I couldn't go without a mention of Spencer's excellence in his first grade year. The first grade puts on a special patriotic musical evening at the close of the year. Spencer was one of 4 kids from his class selected to speak a memorized part. He marched up when it was his turn, said his part, and with stiff arms at his side, returned to his place. (The kids had been warned not to wave or cause any distraction, and he took this direction very much to heart). We were so proud of you, Spencer.

This is Spencer with his first grade teacher, Mrs. Smith. I really enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Smith by volunteering weekly in Spencer's classroom. It was a great opportunity to see how Spencer interacts and performs in a classroom setting as well. He is kind, respectful, and a very good friend to others. 

Here is Spencer with two buddies at the end of the year luau-themed party. Miles is on the left, Jason on the right, with Spencer showing off his surfer moves in the middle. 
Congratulations on a wonderful 1st grade year, Spence!

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