Thursday, November 22, 2012


My cousin Cameron Lusvardi just returned from his mission to Italy. On his way home, he and his parents stopped in VA so we could keep up a long-standing tradition of going to the pumpkin patch together. They used to live in Centreville, VA, but now live in Utah, so it takes a bit of planning to keep the tradition alive. We're so glad they made the trek. We love the Lusvardis!

Emma has found her animal courage lately. Last year she would have nothing to do with the petting zoo. This year, she had sheep eating out of her hands and was petting lots of small animals. 

The hayride is always a favorite, and I took the chance to snap some pictures of the captive audience. 

Emma, Trina, and Spencer 

Cameron, Uncle Mark, and Adam 


Aunt Julie and Grammy

John, Marie (me), and Emma

Spencer is an expert hayslider. He tucks his body in to go fast and far.

Emma and John were a bit more tentative. They decided it would be okay to ride down with Daddy. After one go, John was done.

Emma, however, LOVED it and went many more times on her own.

This was a new addition - a perfect pirate ship. We spent a good chunk of time here watching the kids play. 

Here are John, Cameron, Trina, Spencer, Sarah, and Emma posing in the school bus cutout.

Trina, Spencer, Emma, and Sarah

We each took a little pumpkin home from our outing. Emma gave hers a bath and made it a place to sleep at the foot of her bed. 

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