Thursday, November 22, 2012


Just a few random pictures of things I want my kids to remember. 

John is very intent when playing. He likes to get close to the action, laying on his belly to be more closely engaged with the lego guys and "wee-ooh" fire engines. He'll maintain this position for extended periods of time and has an impressive attention span as he makes up the stories for his cars and guys to act out.

This is just silliness, but whenever I fill the car with gas, I pass the time by making funny faces at my kids through the window. They mimic the faces back. I get the best responses from the fishy face. 

Spencer continues to be a lego master. Take a look at how he recreated Clifford. Amazing! What's more, it only took him a few minutes. 

Here's a photo of a fun play date we hosted with a new friend up our street. She and Emma were having trouble deciding who gets on the kindergarten bus first, who sits with whom, etc. We decided it was time to have some positive interaction, so we invited our friend and her mom to come over and decorate sugar cookies with us. Ever since, the girls have been kind and respectful toward one another. 

John got in on the decorating action too. 

This funny boy LOVES rain boots. Unfortunately, the only pairs we own are pink with leopard print and rainbow-colored. Doesn't stop him. Little man wears them with confidence. 

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