Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ride 'em, cowboy!

Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Our Spencer has long been an avid fireman fan. He dresses up in his firehat and shouts, "TO THE RESCUE!" then races along on his little red bike to visit the fire hydrant up the street and make sure all is in working order.

However, his attention has turned to cowboys as of late, thanks to an introduction by Uncle Rick - the bank president/cowboy. Uncle Rick has horses and let Spencer ride Pinto. He got all gussied up in the cowboy duds: boots, hat, chaps, coat, and he even had a lasso to carry along. This boy was utterly happy and SO proud of himself as he strolled up and down the gravel driveway. Thank you, Uncle Rick. Even now, Spence loves to review the pictures at the computer (my version of scrapbooking = scrolling through iphoto) and talk about when he rode the horsie. Yee haw!

*Note: this is Marie typing. I just used Adam's flickr account to blog away.


Melinda said...

Awww...Spencer is the sweetest little boy ever. How did your kids get so cute? And why haven't I seen them in forever?

Hazembullers said...

Spencer! I done many a thing in my life, but I sure never have ridden a horse up and down a gravel drive way. Good work boy! See you at the rodeo!