Monday, August 27, 2007

More Drakesbad Photos

This fun family photo is from our hike up to Boiling Springs Lake in Lassen National Park. Despite Katy's qualifier that a "hike" must be at least 3 miles, otherwise it is just a "walk" ;0) I think we'll lump this one in the first category. It was one mile up, one back...and when you add in the carriage of one 17 pound baby girl and a 34 pound 2-year-old boy (bless you, Adam) who will not always cooperate with riding on the shoulders...well, that has to make up for at least one mile, right? Thus, it was Emma's first hike. You can see a bit of the sulfur steam coming off the lake. Why is it that sulfurous fumes, while not overtly pleasant, make one feel healthier for having encountered and inhaled them?

One a more pleasant note, we had a fabulous time smelling trees. That's right. Some of you out there are tree huggers, we are tree smellers. There is a particular tree in these forests that smells like butterscotch pudding. Jolene and Mom? What is the name of the tree again? You'll have to tell us in the comments. Regardless, it is one of those that gets the olfactory glands going and sends me down memory lane. We didn't make it to the cabin every summer of my childhood, but I have very fond memories of those summers that did find us in the lands 'round Lake Almanor. One of the first things I do upon returning is roll down the windows and breathe deeply.

Well, Emma, who is on my lap, has just given off a scent that gives me very different feelings. Time for a little diaper change, so I will cut this post short.

This picture below is of some boiling mud along the lake. It is entrancing in person.



Onthego Family said...

I vote that anything done wearing a Baby Bjorn automatically qualifies as a "hike."

Just Katy said...

I love the rich variety of smell of wilderness air. I agree, it's one of the best perks of getting out. Sulfur vents sort of rain on that parade. But it looks like a great time. It's great to see the pictures.

On MY Own personal definition of the term hike (which I'm sure I will probably modify once I have children of my own): Smaller distances can qualify as hikes to children. 2 miles is a hike for a 3 year old but not for a 24 year old. Parents escorting their children on the said distance may refer to the experience as a hike if done in relation to their child's experience.

And shorter distances can also qualify as hikes due to strenous terrain.

In any case, I think it is SO cool Spencer and Emma get such neat outdoor experiences with ya'll. It's a great example and I hope Aaron and I can do the same for our future children.