Monday, August 27, 2007

a fish!

a fish!
Originally uploaded by Adam W.
Spencer did his first fishing at Round Valley lake, one of many reservoirs in the Lassen National Forest (a note, I finally figured out the difference between a National Forest and Park, the forests are bigger and free; the parks have the more interesting sights and cost a bit, but only a bit). We figured Spencer was legal to be fishing without a permit since he's under twelve. We just had to keep some other people from doing the same. The Blue Gill in this water were quite obliging as the hooks didn't stay down too long.

Marie's note: The fish basically jump out of the water and onto the line. We also had a fishing pole going for Emma some of the time, since you don't need a permit to fish if you're under 16. It was a wee little pole, but there was generally a bigger person on the other end of it "helping" her to go fishing. I caught my first fish in a LONG time and while posing for a picture, that same fish was unceremoniously flung back and forth in an attempt to get me close to it. I was no good at watching a fish on a hook - one I had lured him with, no less. It made my stomach turn a bit. Learn something new about yourself every day, don't you? Maybe I'm this much closer to being vegetarian...or I'll just continue letting someone else capture (etc.) my food.


Just Katy said...

If you do decide to try the vegetarian thing out, I would love the company.

lori said...

This picture with Spencer and the fish is CLASSIC!!!!!! And I love the fish stories...what fun!