Thursday, August 2, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Adam has finally caught up to me in age. He is the big 26 TODAY!!!! We had an early celebration with both sides of the family to celebrate, since the kids and I are leaving today for Utah. (Some birthday present, I know, but the tickets were $60 cheaper, and now that Spencer requires his own seat...that money sure talks!). Here are a few photos of us celebrating this wonderful man who is my sweet husband and the teasing, tickling, laughing, snuggling, chasing, racing, jumping, HANDSOME father of our two little ones.

Emma sure LOVES her Daddy! Just look at that smile.

Adam is the "fireman" at our house, so he got to light AND blow out the candles this time around.

"Heavy, heavy hang over (or is it hangover??) thy poor head; what do you wish this person with a bump on your head?"

This catchy little rhyme is a Wride family tradition. After repeating the words and bopping the birthday boy on the head, you get to hear a nice wish for the giver of the gift. Aaron was obliging enough to do the bopping. Sadly, we only did it for the last gift since I am a convert to the tradition and, therefore, had forgotten. Adam put us back in line. ;0)

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lori said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!! GREAT pictures!!