Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Heroes Look Like

Adam came to my rescue today.

I had to go in for an additional ultrasound because baby was not cooperating the first time around. After getting a good view of all four chambers of the heart, I headed out to the car in hopes that I might make it in time to greet the kids at the bus. I turned the key in the ignition, but nothing happened. Tender mercy #1 came when the gentleman directly across from me had just come to his car and helped me to jump the car. It started up, but as soon as I threw the car into reverse, the middle of the throughway, no longer in an out of the way parking space. Who ya gonna call? My main man. 

Adam pulled out of a conference call to answer, and boy was I grateful. He made arrangements not only to meet the kiddos at the bus, but then proceeded to make awesome play date plans for Spencer and Emma so he and John (who had to sacrifice the latter part of his nap for the excursion) could go pick up a battery at Wal-Mart and meet me in Reston. 

I managed to find someone to help push the car into a parking space and caught up on a lot of scripture reading while the afternoon progressed. (Love that iphone). When Adam arrived with new battery in hand (hurrah!) we were able to track down an adjustable wrench from the maintenance man in the building to complete the repair. (Another tender mercy). 

Emma was calling Adam "super daddy" tonight for coming to my rescue, and I must agree. He is my very own superhero.


Greg and Michelle said...

So many blessings! Hurray for Adam - and I am glad you made it back safely :)

merilee said...

I think Adam is super as well!