Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gymnastics Girl

This lovie has just started a series of gymnastics classes. Every Monday, she comes home from school, gets a snack, unpacks her backpack, does her homework, and then we head off to gymnastics class. This is a picture of Emma on her first day. She's dressed up to dance, but ready to try forward rolls, backward rolls, assisted flips over bars, balance beam walks, and jumps off trampolines and springboards. It's pretty fun to watch. 

I love the confidence that comes with trying new (hard) things. Just yesterday, Emma tried a forward roll on her own in the privacy of the family room. Previously, she had been able to make it through the full rotation only with the assistance of an adult. She decided she wanted to do it on her own, and...success! Emma is sometimes timid when it comes to physical obstacles because she really does NOT like to get hurt. I was so pleased to see her venturing into new territory. It's great fun to try new things!

Emma's take on gymnastics: "It ROCKS!" 

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