Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soccer Lovie

Last fall, we did our traditional soccer teams with a bunch of friends as teammates and moms or dads coaching. This time around, I tracked down a local company to make t-shirts (iron-ons and I didn't get along too well the last go around). Emma's team was red; Spencer's was green. Since that time, Emma has thought of herself as a soccer player. Amazing the confidence a few drills can give a girl! (Most of those drills, I was running along with her, John in tow, while Adam coached Spencer's team. My lovie doesn't do well with heat and bugs, but those have long since been forgotten). 

When my friend Emilee gave us a form for a soccer cake, Emma announced that she wanted to have a soccer birthday party to celebrate turning 5. Sounded good to me!  We pulled out the cones and a bag of balls given us by Mr. Paul, my in-laws kind neighbor who mows the lawn for our practice field and coaches soccer himself. The kids gathered at 3:00 for a bunch of soccer drills and then it was inside for cake, ice cream, and presents.

Emma invited her preschool carpool, 2 cute girls that live on our street, and a few friends from church. We had to put a limit on the list because Emma would have loved to invite everyone she knows to join in the soccer fun.  Here's a line-up of the party goers with Coach Adam, who is dressing the part in his Argentina jersey. Spencer served as assistant coach.

A close-up of some soccer friends. 

The soccer cake. And yes, I tipped all that frosting onto the cake...with 3 very eager helpers, I might add. 

This was the first time we have included friends in our "heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head..." tradition, and I loved it! It was a nice way for Emma to express her appreciation to each friend by giving them a fun wish before opening each gift. There was a strong Barbie theme to the gifts she received, but each item given has been played with and given a prized place in Emma's room. Thank you to all our wonderful friends for helping us celebrate Lovie's birthday. 

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