Tuesday, February 8, 2011

John at 5 Months

This baby needs his own October post to note some milestones. I cannot look at this sweet little face without smiling. John-John is a champion bouncer in the exersaucer (thank you, Papa). It's one of his joys in life to make lots of joyful noise by going into jumping Johnny mode when he is in that fun contraption.

John is also an all-star sitter.

...when his brother and sister don't mow him over by smothering him with lovin'.

October meant solid foods for John. He LOVED rice cereal the first 2 times he tried it.

Look at that face - pure joy at having something solid. It didn't last long, though. He took a look at what we were eating, saw what he was getting, and noticed that there was no crossover. He only wants food with substance - the bigger the better. When I put a banana on his tray to cut it up, he dives for the biggest uncut section he can sneak. Applesauce even makes him mad - not enough texture to satisfy the palate. That's okay, though. I had high ideals of making my own baby food this time around. This saved me all the effort. Straight to the solids for our little man.


Scott and Jen Driggs said...

He is sooo cute!! Aubrey has done the same thing with the baby food. She is done with the spoon feeding and wants to feed herself! She loves to sit on Scott's lap and have little "tastes" of what we eat.

alex said...

so cute baby..

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