Sunday, June 9, 2013

Learning From my Children

A few weeks ago, my sweet niece Maddie was diagnosed with lymphoma. She started chemotherapy last week, and our family has fasted the past two Sundays for our sweet little niece and cousin. Spencer started fasting one meal each Fast Sunday when he turned 8 years old, and he has joined in both family fasts that we have had. Last week, Emma volunteered to fast lunch as well, and we had some very sweet moments praying for Madeline Elena. 

Today we had a busy morning. We went for some morning cousin time at Grammy and Papa's because all of my sisters are in town with their kids. I took Brett to their sacrament meeting so I could sing a musical number at my parent's meeting with my sisters, and Adam took the kids home to get them dressed and fed before our block of meetings began. As we were driving home after church, Adam told me that as he was getting everyone ready and out the door Spencer and Emma each refrained from eating lunch because they were fasting for Maddie. No special fast had been called, and it's not a Fast Sunday, but these two sweet cousins have goodness in their hearts. Emma said a special prayer for Maddie before breaking her fast after church, and Spencer and I closed his fast with a prayer before family dinner. 

One other snippet. A week and a half ago, John and Emma were at Grandma's house for "Gma Day," where they pass a happy morning playing, and I practice violin, run errands, or catch up on miscellaneous things in life. LOVE Grandma day. Grandma reported to me that John and Emma had spent a good part of the morning playing cars on the mat that looks like a town. They drove the cars up and down the streets and at one point decided that the cars needed to go to church. Once they drove the cars there, they paused, folded their arms and said a prayer for Maddie. 

Maddie - you have LOTS of love and LOADS of prayers coming your way. 


Shells said...

You have some pretty amazing kids.

Brock and Kate said...

You make pretty amazing kids. Love you all so much, thank you for your prayers and your examples!

Caroline said...

What amazing kids! This was so heart warming to read, thanks for sharing! ---and what amazing parents:)

lori said...

Oh, Marie, I'm late to this news of your sweet niece! Cancer is horrible. But cancer for children is worse! Prayers and so much love for all your family!!!

Marie W said...

Thank you so much, Lori!