Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

The school season is upon us. After several trips to local stores to find shoes, a few new clothes, and school supplies for my two elementary age kiddos, we felt prepared for a new school year to begin. To celebrate, I let the kids select the menu for a special back-to-school dinner, which we held the Saturday before school started so as to enjoy a leisurely evening on the occasion. The kids decided on crepes, though it was a tough to choose between that and macaroni salad. (We decided to have Great Gma Marie's macaroni salad for dinner earlier in the week so we didn't have to miss out.) Emma and John helped me make the crepes, which we filled with blackberry pie filling, lemon juice, lime juice, "snow" (powdered sugar), cinnamon sugar (which Em made herself), bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream. It was a feast!

Here are the kids holding the letter that announce which teachers they have this year. Both Spencer and Emma have FANTASTIC teachers, and we are really happy for them. The letters come just days before school starts, so we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these particular envelopes. Not to be left out, John is showing off a letter from our health insurance company. 

Here are Spencer and Emma at the open house, where they got to meet their teachers and find their desks the Friday before school began. Spencer has Mrs. S this year, and Emma has Mrs. F. Both come highly recommended by neighbors and friends. Emma particularly loves Rascal the Raccoon, who is Mrs. F's stuffed animal class pet. At the open house, she had to find where Rascal hangs his tiny backpack and search to find his computer and little wooden chair. Spencer had a scavenger hunt in his classroom too. His teacher asked if he liked to read since Spencer was turning in his summer reading log (1,000 pages was the goal, which he reached by July). He responded in the affirmative, and she said, "I know we're going to get along, then, because I LOVE to read." 

The night before school, Spencer was too excited to sleep. He showed NO nervousness. Quite impressive. Adam was remarking how different Spencer's experience and attitude are from his own at that age. To be fair, when Adam was starting second grade, he had just moved to a new country and, with it, a new school. Spencer was quick to get up the first day, which is good because his bus comes EARLY. We have a deal that he will wear a collared shirt on the first day of school and on picture day. By day two, he was wearing his new Ninjago Lego t-shirt. Fine by me. The side-parted hair is all Spencer. I think it's really cute that this is his go-to hairstyle when he wants to look nice. He told me he was going to mess it up right after pictures. He's one handsome, somewhat toothless Second Grader.

 Emma didn't have any trouble going to sleep the night before school, but come 4:00AM she was WIDE awake, too excited to go back to sleep. I've never seen a girl more ready to go to kindergarten. She finally fell back asleep at 5:00, and I tried hard not to wake her when it was time to get Spencer up, but the moment she heard me stir, she was up and dressed so she could walk Spencer to the bus. She had unbraided her hair for the desired crimped look and had her new shoes and backpack on for a morning photo session. She is one beautiful young lady.

My two elementary schoolers.

After we saw Spencer off, Emma wanted to do a little photo shoot. John was still sleeping, so we had plenty of time on our hands. I followed Emma around the house taking pictures in all her desired locations. She was eating it up. 


Emma is in afternoon kindergarten, and the morning has never felt so long. Every few minutes she would inquire if it was time to go. We took our lunch outside to have a picnic so we could pass some of the time. Afterward, John wanted to join in for a second photo session. Of course, he had to get his backpack too so he could be official. He has taken his backpack with us every time we go out to meet the bus. Pretty darling!

John really looks up to his older siblings. He does what they do. It's a good thing they are such great kids. 

One kindergartner, ready to go. One little brother, in training. 

Just cuteness. Had to be included on the blog. This was one of the many poses they came up with. Others involve trees, the mailbox, and the fire hydrant.

Our sweet neighbors from up the street came down to see Emma off to school. She is the only person on our street to have afternoon kindergarten since B (in the picture with his Aunt Vivian) was mistakenly assigned to a morning class. We were happy to pass the time with friends while waiting for the bus. Adam is taking the picture, but it's totally worth a mention that it is SO awesome to have a hubby who works from home who can step out to see the kids off to and home from their first day of school.

Here's our Lovie getting on the bus. She was all smiles, no reservation about the adventure that lay ahead of her.

That leaves John and his mama at home to pass the afternoons together. He is feeling the absence of his favorite playmates something fierce but finds consolation in lots of book time on Mama's lap. We've also been playing Legos, "wee-ooos," and choo-choos. Fortunately, this handsome little man also takes a hefty afternoon nap and by the time he awakes his school-attending pals are back, often with a friend in tow. Nothing makes this boy happier than to play with Spencer, Emma, and friends.


Anonymous said...

I love your kids! There is no getting around how cute they are! What a great blog post!

Caroline said...

They are adorable kids, Marie!

merilee said...

I just love it how John tags along and shares in the fun.