Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cousin fun over Christmas

I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of what the cousins were up to over Christmas vacation. There were many, many rounds of "Mr. Fox, what time is it?" You know...the game where someone stands at one side of the yard acting as Mr. Fox and everyone else poses the question. When Mr. Fox replies "4 o' clock," you take 4 big steps and repeat getting closer, and closer until Mr. Fox yells "Dinner time!" and chases after you. If you make it back to the baseline, you are safe. If you are caught, you become the fox. (I had actually never heard of this game, but was happy to be introduced and even played a few rounds. Kudos to the uncles, Gpa, and all-star Adam who joined in with the kiddos on numerous occasions). Here's a shot of some of the group taking a break from playing. There were also lots of rounds of tag with trees as base. And yes, Spencer is still in his pajamas...just in case you were wondering. Vacation is about relaxation and schedule-free living. 

Spencer quickly claimed the dining room table as Lego central after opening gifts on Christmas morning and was happy that there were many interested helpers. 

The girls painted their nails with some new nail polish.  

The boys (Ryan, John, Daniel) built a basement fort. John was SO proud and happy to be playing with the big boys. I was happy he was happy but quickly swept him off the top of the table. This fella has an inclination toward head wounds and had split the back of his head open earlier in the month at a playground. (John - that's where your scar comes from, buddy.)

Maddie wrote a Christmas play. We have it on video. It had a special appearance of a ninja in it to keep the boys engaged. Here are the cousins rehearsing their parts (which were copied, stapled, and highlighted). 

Here is the performance. Good entertainment, I tell ya. 

Harrison and Bridget were super nice to share their awesome puppet theater. John is peeking above the curtain, but the other cousins are hiding for effect. Good chance Aunt Leslie is back there helping out too. She's pretty awesome that way.

We also had some major fun with all of THESE cousins. Here's Papa with all of his grandkids (at the time). From L to R: Isaac, Emma, John, Hannah, Miriam, Spencer, Reuben, and Lily. 

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