Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our kids go to school

...and it's time the world had some proof of it! Hard to believe my last post was back in May. We had a really great summer, and at some point it will be chronicled here. That's a resolution. We'll see how the follow-through goes. For now, here are my two back-to-school kids.

Here's our 1st Grader!
The night before school, Spencer couldn't sleep because he was SO excited. I'm sure there were some first day butterflies mixed in there, but he was amazingly confident heading into his first year of all-day school. Another item of note - the day before Spence started 1st grade, he lost his 1st tooth. It had been wiggling for a while, and while Adam was at a home teaching appointment, he wanted me to take a look at it (couldn't wait for Dad to get home). I gave it a tug, and out it came. Spencer was thrilled!

Here's our Pre-K Girl!
Emma is attending a preschool that is held at one of the local high schools, where the HS students act as student teachers. She was SO happy when she got into this preschool after being on the wait list. It's the same school Spencer went to for pre-k, and while I would have to give occasional incentives to Spence to get him to GO to preschool, I would have to bribe Emma at age 2 to LEAVE after dropping off big brother. We did a co-op preschool last year for Emma, which she loved, but she was ready for her own classroom. Emma's school started about 4 weeks after Spencer's, and that was a LONG wait for our little Lovie. We filled it with fun, but she was ecstatic when the first day of school finally arrived. That morning, Adam asked Emma if she was excited or nervous? "A LOT excited and a little bit nervous" came her reply. You'd never know there was a hint of nervousness; when I dropped her off, she followed her student teacher to her cubby, hung up her back-pack, bade me farewell and was off for free play without looking back. It's a good thing I had Johnny with me, or I might have been the one feeling abandoned.

Speaking of Johnny, here's a photo of that little piece of cuteness to round out the post.
This is John at what I'm embarrassed to admit is his first story time experience at the library. I've been somewhat remiss in that department with baby #3. Time to step it up, especially since this little man doesn't look much like a baby anymore. *Sigh.


Greg and Michelle said...

I am so glad to see you blogging again! I am glad you had a break too - but I LOVE seeing pics and hearing updates like this - looking forward to your next post! Glad that your three cuties are enjoying the school year!

Brock and Kate said...

so cute. those kids are just so darn lucky to have such great parents. see you guys next week! eeeek!